What Readers Say

It's not what I say about my writing... it's what they--the readers--say.

Many people tell me and others how they feel about my writing and ghostwriting. You can read their comments below. If you see a story or post mentioned by title and are interested to read it… let me know.

Some of my reader comments, about WINGS:

WINGS (Short Fiction) by Dennis Lowery

“That is a really good read. I quite enjoyed it.” –Jocelyne Corbiere

“That was a beautiful story, and full of meaning. Sometimes, we need to stop and fill our minds and hearts with love and tenderness for life can be very hard.” –Kathryn Nokony

“Dennis, I just loved it, actually read it twice… Forgive me but I see romance in so much, and when she asked ‘What will you do with me?’ It’s not what you wrote, but the way you wrote it, that made it come alive. Also, when she said ‘You’re a man,’ all of “his” response was so well-written. I promise not to reveal too much of the story because I encourage everyone to read it — but when each character shared their story of pain and courage; different but yet familiar, and she said: ‘To fly…’ and stated her outcome so far. I had to take a break from the story; I felt tears running down my face because it became so real to me… The ending was surprising but great. What a great message in this story… Thank you for sharing your great gift with me. A great, compelling, short story… ‘Wings’ touched me deeply, your writing moves me!” –Bernice Joe

“Just beautiful! I cried a few tears as I read this… Every time I think Dennis Lowery can’t write any better, he does. This story gave my wings a much-needed pick me up… I love that each story he writes, I find myself in it. This story is the perfect focus on the woman with kindness from the man, tragedy, pride, vulnerability, joy, and peace.” –Sarah Odendahl

“That’s a fantastic short story. My girls love fairy stories.” –Liz Moshier Echols

“Every time I read one of your stories I’m in awe! Keep ’em coming please.” –Regina Dollar Castleberry

“I love to read your stories, you take me right there.” –Jo Myers

“That was beautiful!” –Janet Mix

“This was gorgeous! My only regret is how short it was. That was beautiful, nice balance between the sounds and the tone! Very cool story as well!” –Macady Watson

“Love the story…” –B. Ambrose

“I love your stories, especially Wings. You’re a great writer!” –Lisa Fuller

“Great story! They will meet again!” –Susan Gabriel [And you never know… she may be right]

“Well-written and I would love to read more of your work in the future!” –Yannick Bretschneider

“Oh my gosh…I wish it would’ve been longer. It is a shame she went through all that. It also would have been so nice to get more backstory on both the man and her. But this story was absolutely flawless in my opinion.” –Luke Cooper

“This is such a unique story, and the words are so descriptive!” –ARS

“So beautiful. It had me in tears. But then, Dennis Lowery always seems to touch my heart with his words. I think this might be my favorite.” –Nina A.

“This story was beautiful!” –Alison Fu

“Incredible, and so moving!! Thank you for the beautiful story, Dennis.” –Linda Anani

“So beautiful. Almost brings a tear to my eye.” –Lisa Korn

“You soar, Dennis Lowery. One of my very favorites…” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“Very nicely written. My favorite genre.” –Paul Wade

“I enjoyed reading Wings, definitely magical, Thank you for sharing. Now I want more. You’re an excellent writer.” –Yolanda Ocasio

“I think this story sends a positive message to young people who are not happy with their bodies, or life situations. I enjoyed reading this short story, Dennis Lowery Thank you.” –Hazel Payne

“So beautiful…” –Sherry Thompson

“You know women so well… you have fulfilled your purpose.” –Renee McDaniel

“Magic. And even better you were able to write it so quickly. You know the writing is so good that you can feel that you are in the story. That is one heck of a trick.” –Mike Trani

“Fabulous Dennis Lowery – truly enjoyed my morning read. Loved it.” –Diane Carolyn

[She quotes from the story] “Why do you go on then?’ ‘Because,’ and he smiled at her from the knowledge that only comes from experience, ‘Because, I deserve to find what I’m looking for.’ As we all do. Wonderful story Dennis Lowery.” –Samantha O’Brien

“Loved it.” –Robert Partridge

“It is beautiful!” –Claire Toffolo

“I love this part… ‘We fly highest and farthest then. That freedom… the feeling of our wings drinking in the wind, is what fairies long for.’ Truly beautiful, and so much feeling, Dennis Lowery.” –Margie Casados

“Dennis, I love hearing about your inspiration. You’re so attuned to your world and so very creative!” –Tamara Lucas Copeland, author of ‘Daughters of the Dream: Eight Girls from Richmond Who Grew Up in the Civil Rights Era‘ about The 12 Doves of Christmas

“So very insightful and touching. As I read the words it filled me with pride and warmth. I took what I needed from this and I’ll put it towards this day. Thank you for opening my eyes, ears, and heart to my day and days to come… I am present.” –Rebecca Weilersbacher, about The 12 Doves of Christmas

“I love this Dennis! Brilliant idea to write about.” –Marcie Keithley, author of ‘The Shoebox Effect‘ about The 12 Doves of Christmas

“Great tale. I love the way the title ties into the last line. BTW I love your covers just as much as your stories. This one really jumped out at me.” –Vicki Tyley, about The Boy Who Got Away

“Such a beautiful article. Thank you for writing it. We need more folks like you to remind all of the sacrifices of those who are willing to serve.” –Mouzetta Zumwalt-Weathers, about IN STONE (for Memorial Day)

“…vividly and intelligently depicted… the plot is as gripping as it is historically edifying, remarkably authentic, and rigorously researched. At its conclusion, readers will be left impatient for the book’s sequel. An impressive blend of historical portrayal and dramatic fiction.” —Kirkus Reviews, about one of my historical fiction ghostwriting projects

“This is beautiful, Dennis! Your writing is amazing…captured my heart.” –Bernice Joe, about Father & Daughter

“‘She celebrated the present…’ I like that. We should all learn to do that more. A touching and heart-warming story.” –Vicki Tyley, about Father & Daughter

“That was excellent short prose, Dennis Lowery. I like it very much. I just emailed this off to a certain mother and daughter who I’m very sure will appreciate it too.” 🙂 –Dan Syes, about Father & Daughter

“’The Song of Family and the call to be with them.’ You have a poetic turn of phrase — you really do paint with words.” –Vicki Tyley, about The ‘Morning’ Dove

“Dennis is an amazing storyteller. Besides the beauty of his stories, I love that he shares with his readers the inspiration for his stories. He brings us into his world. Lovely.” –Tamara Lucas Copeland

“Love this!” –Susan Gabriel, about Father & Daughter

“Well said, Dennis.” –Jim Zumwalt, about The ‘Whole’ is more than the sum of its parts…

“Love this. You have a way of painting a picture with words that goes way beyond the surface. ‘The day ended under a cartwheel spread of pinpricks revealing the light found behind the sky.’ Such a vivid and perfect description of the night sky.” –Vicki Tyley, about The Stars Above a Ramshackle Fence

“Dennis: Great story–and very timely. I lost one of my Marine buddies to COVID-19 this week.” –Jim Zumwalt, about What the Wind Blew Away

“As I read, the story drew me in and the characters became real. Nice twist. Where does she go now…” –Amazon Review, The Crossing

“Oh, Dennis. This is so strong. I appreciate your words. I will post on my Facebook page and on LinkedIn. I am glad that fate caused our paths to cross. You always have just the right words and I have known from our first conversation where your heart is on issues of racial justice.” –Tamara Lucas Copeland, about The ‘Whole’ is more than the sum of its parts…

“You must be so aware of every moment, that you are able to tell about it, in such great detail. You paint pictures with your words. Full color with sound and smell! Every time, it’s like I’m there! I love your writing” –Nina Anthonijsz

“Thank you for sharing. I love this. Greatly needed.” –Susan Lewis, about While I sit and think

“You really know how to invoke all the senses and draw the reader into your world. As the cover says, you had to be there. But this vignette comes a close second — you are pulled into the story, the senses drawing you in until you close your eyes and you’re right there. Beautiful.” –Vicki Tyley, about Dance of Fireflies

“Dennis, I don’t know how you do it. Your combination of pragmatism and creativity just doesn’t seem to reside in too many folks. I look forward to reading your next piece.” –Tamara Copeland

“Thank you for this. Such a good read. We were recently having a similar conversation about curriculum and what children are taught and no longer taught based on hard topics and fears of repercussions of discussing such things. We write history out to hide our own discomfort.” –Dawn Hart Jackson, about Old Songs | New Meaning

“Such a different tone to ‘Into the Pandemic’ but equally powerful. I loved this line: ‘A bright light like God had taken their picture, whitened their faces.’” –Vicki Tyley, about Honey, where’s that book…

“Such powerful prose, Dennis. Your words really evoke intense emotion.” –Vicki Tyley, about Into the Pandemic… rode the Responders

“Dennis, you just keep surprising me. Well done.” –Tamara Lucas Copeland, about Into the Pandemic… rode the Responders

“Great tribute and well deserved to a courageous group of women and men!” –Jim Zumwalt, about Into the Pandemic… rode the Responders

“Always left eager and wanting more. Continue to love your picturesque and idiomatic style of writing. Can’t wait for the rest to be told.” –Jaime Payamps, about The Taking [a 9-part serialized fiction story, read about it here ]

“Thanks for sharing ‘The Taking.’ Each part is just the right size for me to digest over a cup of tea. What I love most about your writing is how wonderfully emotive it is. The reader can’t help but be drawn into the scene. Beautiful.” –Vicki Tyley [The Taking is a 9-part serialized fiction story, read about it here ]

“This. Wow… I could feel the terror the boy was feeling.” –Dawn Jackson, about The Taking (Part 1) [a 9-part serialized fiction story, read about it here ]

“When I read your work, I am instantly transported to another world; one of mystery, adventure, and intrigue. I can’t help but want to know what happens next, and can’t stop myself from reading more. Reading Part 3, while drinking my coffee this morning, makes me feel like I am back at home again. Words cannot describe how warm your writing makes me feel; they give me a sense of protection and love. I feel as if you are reading this to me this morning, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.” –Cassidy Brown, about The Taking [Important Disclosure: Cassidy is one of my daughters and I demand they never ‘favorably shade’ their opinions on my writing because I’m their father. They’ve all promised honesty. But it’s likely they cut me some slack.] 😉

“Mmmm… lovely.” –Nina Anthonijsz, about The Moon Over Water

“So much fun! I love the relationship you have with the girls.” –Dawn Jackson, about Haunted Dreams

“Love stories do matter. The Bench was just the type of poignant story that I look to Dennis Lowery for. A lovely read on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.” –Tamara Copeland, about The Bench

“Awww… my heart melted. You are indeed a romantic but we all love a romantic. I do. Thank you for sharing.” –Vicki Tyley, LOVER LETTERS from long ago

“It really is exquisite.” –Raul Interiano, about The Bench

“What a lovely story, Dennis. I love that you share your inspiration and your hopes as a parent for your daughters. Looking forward to your next piece.” –Tamara Copeland, about Ask for the Dance

“Once again, Dennis, you’ve given us a beautiful love story; so perfect for the holiday season! What a lovely story. I just posted it on Facebook.” –Tamara Copeland, about WHITE BIRD

“Dennis I loved this story White Bird. I continue to enjoy your writing and thank you for sharing this beautiful story.” –Kathy Rosson

“You are such a wordsmith!!!!! You astonish me.” -Raul Interiano, in a comment reply to my 11-24-2019 email to readers/followers with links to The Train Scene, WINGS, and THANKS GIVEN.

Is there no end to your creativity??? 🙂 ” -Jim Zumwalt in a comment reply to my 11-24-2019 email to readers/followers with links to The Train Scene, WINGS, and THANKS GIVEN. My reply to his question was, “Nope!” 😀

“I love the way that Dennis Lowery not only writes a beautiful story but shares his inspiration and the impact on his family — full circle!” –Tamara Lucas Copeland

“Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!! Super scary!!!!” –Nina Anthonijsz, about The Voorteken Entity

I got a grin as I began working through my email inbox and read this. Note: I’m a writer of my own work but also help others improve their writing.

‘The moon mocked him even more than the girls in the village.’ Shakespearean!” –Raul Interiano, about The First Werewolf

“You’re so talented. The Ballerina is a lovely story, readable, poignant, uplifting and the story-behind-the-story really reveals your skill and creativity. Thank you so much for sharing them.” –Tamara Copeland, about The Ballerina in the Garden

DEATH DANCES To The Cry of Ravens by Dennis Lowery

About DEATH DANCES to the Cry of Ravens: A chapter excerpt from The Company of Masters Book One of The Blackthorn Trilogy.

“I don’t know how you keep coming up with such fascinating pieces.” -Jim Zumwalt

“You describe so meticulously!” -Raul Interiano

I recently shared the Book One story synopsis, final titles and covers for a new three-year project (a trilogy). Here they are and a few of the comments (including those from Book One’s progress readers, who reviewed under its working title):

THE BLACKTHORN TRILOGY (promo 01) by Dennis Lowery

“I love the idea, and I love the covers!” -Galit Breman

“You’re a stud!” -Raul Interiano

“OMG, Dennis. You must be the master of time management. Congratulations!” -Tamara Copeland

“Looks pretty sharp!” – Jim Zumwalt

Advance Reader Comments (Book One’s progress):

“I read this and think Dennis Lowery is one of the best writers out there. The book is mysterious, intriguing, comical, and it’s a page-turner. I just couldn’t get enough. You won’t be able to put it down. I’ve read other books by Dennis, and they are all worth the time to read… I want more from this author, much more. Can’t wait. What an imagination and great characters… I will buy more of his books, that is definite.”–Yolanda Ocasio

“Just finished reading part two. I loved it, again you left me wanting more. What a great imagination, you are so talented. I was disappointed when that part ended, and I would have to wait until you share the next part. How soon will part three be released? You have become one of my favorite writers. Congratulations, you are so talented. Anxiously waiting for part three.”–Yolanda Ocasio

“Excellent stuff, Dennis Lowery. Tight, tense and evocative. A couple of my favorite phrases: ‘He fell on his ass with his shadow squirming behind him in the early spring sun.’ And… ‘I could feel the menace in her voice. It came out of my phone’s little speaker, but it was like standing in front of one of those industrial freezers down at the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx.’ That made me smile.”–Vicki Tyley, bestselling author

“‘This is Bernice Joe, and I approve this book’ hahaha, I just couldn’t resist saying that! I just read part one… I really enjoyed it…Thank you.”–Bernice Joe

“OMG!!! Dennis Lowery part two is SUPER SUPER GOOD! I’m so angry at you right now. How can you end the part like that! I’m just so involved… when I realized I was at the end… I almost PASSED OUT!!! The whole park scene was amazing, from beginning to end. Brandon thought he was helping Walt, but realized he needs him just as much. Sometimes you think you meet a person for one reason, but you find out it’s for another. I love the Lydia Cybelle character, although I don’t like her… but she’s strong. I like Bree… so sisterly… a person who uses silence like a weapon or to make a point… reminds me so much of myself. Although I’m so angry at you right now… thanks for keeping us updated about Sara… my heart went out for her. I just want you to know that I really enjoyed it!”–Bernice Joe

“This story is becoming very personal to me; it puts me in the moment. I feel as if I have developed a relationship not only with Brandon but each character. Each part gives me something to look forward to as the mystery unfolds… as I anxiously await… Don’t put restraints on your imagination, but let it run wild and free, keep writing… and writing… and writing… all the great stories that you do.”–Bernice Joe

“I just finished reading part one and letting it sink in a little bit. It has a lot of potential and is well written. I like the premise as well as the little glimpse we get of the people and the world and its history as well as in present day. A story well worth following to the end in my opinion. Can’t wait to read part two. I really liked the first one, and you know Dennis, I am also enjoying the way you are sharing this book.”–Michael Koontz

“I really enjoyed part two. A story that is shaping up nicely and intriguingly as we go. I especially like the design/personalities of the main character(s) and the seemingly vast and rich background history behind the present time events that you are letting us see at this point in time. It feels like a story with a wide-open world waiting to unravel and not like running down a tight hallway. I’m already looking forward to reading more.” –Michael Koontz

“I LOVE IT!”–Sherry Thompson

“I read this with pleasure, Dennis Lowery.”–Toma Eva

“Wow, I am reading it now… great stuff! You are indeed one talented author.”–Curtis Odom

“Funny and suspenseful! I want to read more.”–Steve Boggan

“It was an awesome read, for some reason a shiver runs down me… a tale with many twists. I love the way you used your words and took me into the scene.”–Patti A.

“Totally fascinating. The part that got to me was the woman and her shadow. I felt for her, wishing she could see more and live more. Not to give up. Her heart was broken… Love the whole concept of it. And it will be fascinating to see where this goes. I most definitely felt pulled into the story, and it is creatively brilliant. It makes you also think about the nature of people. And what we really do see and see not only with our eyes. Thank you for sharing.”–Margie Casados

“Wonderful read! Must reread and share!”–Mica Johnston

“This is so awesome!! I am so glad that you got this spark! It was wonderful!! I very much want to know when the next part is ready!”–Michele Messenger

“What an almighty talent you have Dennis Lowery! It’s got me hooked, the descriptions and analogies of the characters create wonderful pictures in my imagination.. dark, gritty and emotive.”–Fay Handstock, UK

“I second what Fay Handstock said. Dennis Lowery, you write insightfully.”–Vicki Tyley, bestselling author

“I like it, Dennis. Can hardly wait to read more.”–Mike Trani

“Great writing! I want more.”–Adam Lopez

“An excellent piece… very thought-provoking. I look forward to reading more.”–Greg Lusé

“I loved this, and I will be looking forward to more.”–Kathy Rosson

“Very original and fast-paced. Loved it and really want the next installment like… now!”

“I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice.”

“Dark, tense and evocative.” “A must-read…”


ONE NIGHT in Barcelona A Vignette by Dennis Lowery

“Phew, made me perspire!” –Rea de Miranda

“Wonderful, Dennis. Quite evocative.” –Sean Heffernan

“I need to go to Barcelona!! ASAP LOL. Brilliant writing Dennis Lowery! It’s perfect in that you always leave me wanting more!” –Rebecca Harden-Heick

“You have a wonderful way with words. Damn.” –Sam Hetchler

“Sublime!” –Cilla C.

“I didn’t want the story to end either. You’ve got a great talent, Dennis, to make the reader visualize what you are describing.” –Jim Zumwalt

“I looovve this story!” –Lory Case

THE CANDLE - Short Fiction from Dennis Lowery

Reader comments about The Candle:

“Captivating.” –Mohammad Azam Khan

“Stephen King would be happy to put his name on this story! (I mean this as a compliment).” –Jyoti Dahiya

“You wrote a great story and I felt every word. Your ending was SPOILER REMOVED!. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful heart!” –Evy Hannes

“Wow, I enjoyed reading very much.” –Irene Kimmel

“Wonderful, Dennis. Very well written!!” –Sylvia Sotuyo

“Wow…what a great story. I loved it, Mr. Lowery. Loved it!” –Jo Ann Boomer

“Wow, Dennis Lowery, I adore your writing! You pulled me in very quickly, and had me wanting more and more! Excellent story, I thank you for that amazing read. You are a very talented writer.” –Cristie Brewer

“Love it!” –Fay Handstock

“Brilliant. Your writing always leaves me wanting more! I too saved it to re-read later. Thank you.” –Rebecca Harden-Heick

“Oh, wow… Very powerful… I felt so much compassion for the couple. And the intrigue of the supernatural, really gets you thinking. It really is an excellent story.” –Margie Casados

“Great story!” –Susan Gabriel “Like your writing, it is so original and imaginative. It comes from somewhere deep inside. And you deliver your words of art so well.” –Renee M.

READER COMMENT (AD) ABOUT The Things We Carry 3-27-2019

Click to enlarge

“Beautiful!” -Galit Breman

“An all-time favorite… and a good reminder and lesson for a lot of what is happening in our world these days.” -Bobbie Today

What the Wind Blew Away - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

“Loved it. I felt like I was there…I could smell the mown grass and feel the sting of the glaring sun. I could relate to Sammy’s anger and sadness and when I read those familiar lyrics that her grandpa sang…I was hooked. It was very touching Dennis. Thank you for the thoughtful take on how we keep memories of our loved ones near and dear. The title is beautiful.” -Bobbie Today, advance reader What the Wind Blew Away

“Great piece of writing. You have an amazing ability to describe a scene that the reader has no problem then envisioning. Having lost a brother and father to cancers, the story tugged at the heartstrings.” -Jim Zumwalt, advance reader What the Wind Blew Away

“Superbly written.” –Gwendolyn M.

“Wow, what a bittersweet yet beautiful story of love and loss and healing… Thank you for such a poignant and touching story Dennis!” -Lisa Wolfington

“Loved your story. It made me think of loved ones that are no longer here. They will always be with me. Thank-you.” -Marsha Mooneyhan

“Beautifully written, Dennis.” -Michael Koontz

“A beautiful story of loss and healing; so touching and lovely.” -Nina Anthonijsz

“Talk about tugging at the heartstrings.” -Vicki Tyley

“I love your story; it’s a touching and poignant piece.” -RC de Winter

“Thank you, so much. It’s a beautiful story; a sweet and touching read. I need to explore that connection [in the story] I am glad you wrote this as it’s nudging me to explore what it is.” -Amy Dionne

“Left me speechless and filled with precious memories from when Mom was around. Thank you for this beautiful story.” -L. Moncivaiz

As a writer you believe what you’re creating will touch someone in some way. But you send your creation out into an often silent world. Maybe it’s just not found so it can be read. After all, we live in a world where we’re inundated with information, social media shares, and posts. Pictures of cute dogs… cute cats… cute girls… and bacon. In all of that, sometimes your writing gets missed. BUT then there are times where you get a message from a reader like this. And it confirms that what you’re doing does reach some people and that it’s touched their heart. I received this message–screen-grab below–from a reader of the excerpt from What the Wind Blew Away that I posted on social media.

“Love. So much so.” -Dawn Hart Jackson, about The Janus Device [draft opening]

“Oh god, please, just work on this, let the rest wait!!!” -Nina Anthonijsz, about The Janus Device [draft opening]

“Such a good read. Loved it. Dennis, you are amazing.” –Jo Myers, about The Bell Ringer

“Dennis, your words have always been entertaining and thought-provoking. I especially love the fact that you had your girls in mind when creating this short story.” -Greg Lusé, about HALF

“I loved The Left Elbow of Love.” -Raul Interiano

“Love the text you created to go with the photo…it got me into that moment.” –Birgit Backlund-Palander, about Dennis Lowery’s fulfilling one of his ‘Every picture tells a story’ stories-from-an-image requests.

“That’s brilliant and completely addresses my original comment on the photo.” -Steven Krohn, about Dennis Lowery’s fulfilling one of his ‘Every picture tells a story’ stories-from-an-image requests.

“You never fail to amaze me with your interpretations. You’re really good at what you do. You’re a really good creative thinker & writer.” –Adna, about Dennis Lowery’s fulfilling one of his ‘Every picture tells a story’ stories-from-an-image requests.

“I love these vignettes the most. More than I can say.” -Nina Anthonijsz, about The Left Elbow of Love

“Nina Anthonijsz, me too…me too! More, please!” -Tracie Parker, about The Left Elbow of Love

“Sweet!” -Lisa Harrison Speer, about The Left Elbow of Love

THE THANKS GIVEN - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

“Thank you for this beautiful story gift” -Galit Breman, about THANKS GIVEN

“I loved this story, thank you for sharing.” -Tamara Copeland, about THANKS GIVEN

“Perfect little reminder of what we are grateful for. Thank you for this. Love it.” -Dawn Jackson, about THANKS GIVEN

“You were born to write, Dennis Lowery and that shows in every word. What a beautiful celebration of family. Lovely. Truly lovely writing.” –Sean Cowen, about THANKS GIVEN

“Wonderful, as always.” –Sherry Thompson, about THANKS GIVEN

“A Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.” –Bernice Joe, about THANKS GIVEN

“Loved it… it’s beautiful! Me encantó! La traducción era soportable. Felicidades, es precioso…” –Elsa Bornay Delgado, about THANKS GIVEN

“A story from Dennis Lowery, do take a couple of minutes to read his wonderful words. For me they always conjure perfect images of the story as if I were running a movie clip in my head. I highly recommend checking out more of his excellent work.” –Fay Handstock, about THANKS GIVEN

“Beautiful.” –Deanna Elliott, about THANKS GIVEN

“This touched my heart in many ways for I can relate in many many ways. I cried when I was reading this. For I feel the exact same way. And reading this with my three yr. old laying in my lap falling asleep… I look at her and am truly blessed in every way. Thank you for helping me see that again” –Brandie Chavez, about THANKS GIVEN

“Dennis, this is a beautiful piece of writing. I love it. And it made me think of my own memories that HAD power over me that I did not realize until reading this. Thank you.” –Vera Athans, about THANKS GIVEN

“Heartwarming and cozy, like a hug by the fire on the hearth. We need to be constantly reminded of what’s worthwhile.” –Liz, about THANKS GIVEN

“I so enjoyed this!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara, about THANKS GIVEN

“Hermosa. Lagrimas en mis ojos. Beautiful. I’ve tears in my eyes.” –Merchi Sananes, about THANKS GIVEN

“Dennis, that is beautiful! I love it.” –Joyce Swindall Jacobs, about THANKS GIVEN

“I’ve seen this story play out in real life. It’s wonderful that you can put it on paper, the way you do. I loved it.” –Karen Gross, about THANKS GIVEN

“A great and heartwarming story.” –Annemieke Reffeltrath, about THANKS GIVEN

“This is lovely. I love how you describe the sounds and smells and sights. Great!” –Nina Anthonijsz, about THANKS GIVEN

“Love it, Dennis! Your writing is awesome!” –Sylvia Sotuyo, about THANKS GIVEN

“Perfect!” –Cilla Cantrell, about THANKS GIVEN

“Beautiful, thank you.” –Tracie Parker, about THANKS GIVEN

“Great and worthwhile read Dennis, and I especially liked how your story and postscript worked together to create a message that is both as beautiful as it is true and meaningful. Hopefully the core of it sinks in to every and anyone reading it.” –Michael Koontz, about THANKS GIVEN

“I absolutely loved all the stories in this collaboration of dark tales. It is the perfect mixture of science fiction and horror. ‘Blinded’ and ‘All I Am’ are by far the best tales depicted in the book. At the end of the first chapter of Blinded it sent chills throughout my body and I couldn’t stop reading it. All I Am will leave you wanting more with its perfect balance of suspense and horror. Every story stands alone with its own unique twist and tension.” –Review of NIGHT DESCENDS (a collection of stories from Dennis Lowery)

“This is a great, inspiring book of women taking that leap and making their dreams come through – fantastic that it ends with action steps as well. I would buy it for any aspiring female entrepreneur.” –Dr. Paul A Sherrat, Amazon review of Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs | Stories That Inspire

“OMG – I LOVE IT. Congratulations Robin (and of course Dennis).” –Lori Ames, about Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs | Stories That Inspire. [Lori’s story is included in the book. Her company is a public relations agency specializing in publicity, public relations, and marketing for non-fiction book authors]

“I would recommend this book to anyone! These are real stories from real women. It’s well written and easy to read. Most importantly, it inspired me to go forward with a new opportunity that I had put on the back burner.” –JKS, Amazon review of Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs | Stories That Inspire

Toward the Light  Wow… just wow. So much impact in this. I actually read it twice.”-Dawn Jackson

“Wow. I am speechless and wordless. You have reached out to many people and helped them write their stories. Those stories have touched countless others. Your impact is felt by many you do not even know.” –Donna McAleer, about Of a Death… and a Life

“This is too beautiful.” –Lola Rhodes, about The Dawn Star

Reader comment about All I Am: “To compare the two it’s like taking a pleasant drive in a mild convertible (the book I was reading), then I read your book and suddenly, you round the corner and you’re in a 1000HP beast pushing the corners hanging on tight to the steering wheel. 😀 That was what it felt like when I mentally shifted gears and got pulled into your story… well done, well done.” –Dan Syes (click the following image to read the complete comment):

Click to Enlarge

“Delightfully unexpected! Delicious suspense in a short story that peeks beneath the surface, and exposes the depths of revenge. I devoured it in 25 minutes and read it a second time in one sitting.” –Bobbie Today, from an Amazon review of The Crossing

“OMG, I loved this! But then again, I do love your writing. I had to put it down the first few times I started to read it because I was at work and couldn’t keep reading. A wonderful thing to have as a reader. It’s a great story, moves at a nice clip and all the characters are interesting and beautifully written. It’s like I’m right there with them.” –Susan Lewis, about BLINDED

“Music often equals ‘moments’ for me. These little flashback memories that make me smile as I am driving, or working or just sharing with my kids. I think those are life’s soundtrack moments. Love that you share with your kids and the rest of us.” -Dawn Jackson, about One of Those–Hot Texas–Nights

“Whoa…surprised me with this one.” -Dawn Jackson, about Thou Shalt Not Thou Shall

“Wow just wow! What a new meaning to try, try again. No matter how long it takes.” -JoAnn Carpenter, about The Bell Ringer

“Love this. Your words, the mix of them and all they hold…warm my heart and make my day.” -Dawn Jackson, about The Bell Ringer

“Good reads! Definitely, want to keep following you! You are an inspiration!” -Margaret Pypher

“So much truth in here. It shouldn’t but it keeps surprising me.” -Nina Anthonijsz, about Scrollcialmedia

“I’m not scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’! Enjoy your writing! Do you really have a pig or is this one of your wonderful stories?” -Janet Mix, about Scrollcialmedia

“Dennis, you never cease to amaze me, my inspirational friend!” -Louisa Catharine Forsyth, about They Say & Do Some Strange Things

“Giggles! -Dawn Jackson, about Deadly Weapons

“I really enjoy and appreciate how well you articulate your thoughts, how self-reflective you are.” -Tamara Copeland, about More Than a Mere Thread

“You have a wonderful talent. Your short stories captivate my mind and this piece reveals what I think almost every day, too. Wow!” -Miriam Omi, about The Water Girl

“Oh Dennis, I Love this story! I love the way you write, I feel like I was there with you. You are so talented! Thank you so much.” -Renee Mann, about Of Regrets & Reunions

“Great story!!!” -Cindy Cohrn, about Of Regrets & Reunions

“What a lovely piece.” -Tamara Copeland, about Of Regrets & Reunions

“I love those moments when truth slides up next to you and makes her presence known. This bit of fiction from Dennis Lowery gave me a deeper insight that I appreciate. I hope you enjoy it, too.” -Cilla C., about She Was Just a Statue

“I read it… I liked it!!! Awesome!” -Mark Bolden, about She Was Just a Statue

“This is sooooo wonderful Dennis! Thank you!” -Sherry Thompson, about She Was Just a Statue

“Read Dennis Lowery’s stories to enjoy well-crafted, imaginative and suspenseful stories at the needs-an-award end of the spectrum of contemporary fiction. If you like Stephen King or O’Henry, you now have another choice at the same level.” –Jyoti Dahiya, from an extended write-up/comment at LinkedIn

“I loved your piece. Did my book really cause you to think differently about the song’s message? Wow. That is the hope — to cause folks to think differently. I just posted your piece on my Facebook page.” -Tamara Lucas Copeland, about Old Songs | New Meaning

“Beautiful. Just beautiful. Happy little tears this morning. Thank you for this.” -Dawn Jackson, about the narrated version of The Dawn Star

“This is star-worthy. I think she found out life is more than half when you seek to make it full.” -Markita Schriner, about HALF

“Love this!  Put a huge smile on my face.”  –Dawn Jackson, about SUNDOWN DOGS

“What a great find in this story but more than that, your interpretation of it. The consequences of decisions we make are sometimes overlooked by hunger. Such a great reminder, Dennis.” -Randa Murray Wilson, about The Stonecutter

“You did it again, Dennis! A whole story from the name of a wine! [From Dennis: you have to read my endnote in the story to understand this.] See what you inspired, Regina!” –Janet Mix, about The Sweetest Hours

“Outstanding, again. Thanks!!” –Regina C., about The Sweetest Hours

“Lovely story, it touches my heart. Thanks.” –Paul Sesay, about The Sweetest Hours

“Dennis, I loved this piece. Didn’t know you were a Motown fan. Me, too. It’s so easy to focus on what separates us, but what joins us is right there if we just step back for a minute. Thanks for sharing.” -Tamara, about You Sure You’re a White Boy from Arkansas?

“Good, as I expected from you. …. uh, so I just had to let my phone ring, I was in a ‘storm’ for a few minutes.” -Ernie Koehn, about Thou Shalt Not–Thou Shalt Not–Thou Shall

“Beautiful Thank you so much for sharing this.” -Galit Breman, Amelia’s Heart

“This is so beautiful.” -Leanne DeHope, Amelia’s Heart

“What a lovely story.” -Tamara Copeland, Amelia’s Heart

Some reader comments about The 12 DOVES of Christmas:

The 12 DOVES of Christmas Nonfiction by Dennis Lowery

“I have enjoyed each of your days.” -Cindy Corhn

“Always great inspiring thoughts and words.” -Tracie Parker

“Dennis, I’ve always known you to be thought-provoking but I found your DOVES insights especially so… and very moving. Thanks for sharing with us.” -Greg Luse

“I’m loving this count down, these Doves… your many thoughtful thoughts!” -Ernie Koehn

“This made me happy – what a good way to start my day too!!  -Cindy Corhn

“Pretty of good lessons on life! I guess that’s what gave rise to Forrest Gump’s profound statement, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates…’” -Jim Zumwalt

“I just happened on your site here in Google. It was really accidental. But I enjoyed it, especially your ‘The 12 Doves for Christmas’ and now I’m curious and looking forward to reading more… Thank you for sharing your thoughts with other people. In the occasion I wish you Merry Christmas and a joyful happy New Year.”  -Elena Landri

“This is very cool! Thank you for sharing with us, Dennis! We really loved your blog post! Can you DM us your contact information?” -Dove Chocolate (owned by Mars, Inc.), via Facebook

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and creativity in this post. I really enjoyed reading it.” -Galit Breman

“Simply perfect. “ -Dawn Hart Jackson

“I wanted to say, my favorite was…. But I couldn’t chose just one…” -Janet Mix

“Great advice and as usual, you make me reflect on my own life and priorities…” -Gerald Shackelford

“Oh my gosh!!! I am in tears. That was amazing how you just pulled a beautiful and complete story out of a simple picture!” -Janet Mix, about The Ballerina in the Garden


THE SONG ON THE WIND Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery
Flashfiction Scene

“Dennis, it doesn’t matter what you are writing about, your descriptions of the scene or the feelings inside of a character, the reader feels like they are there watching it all unfold before them. Everything is so vivid. Thank you for this sweet story.”  -Janet Mix, about The Song On the Wind

“So sweet and warm, regardless of all the snow.” -Nina Anthonijsz, about The Song on the Wind

“What a beautiful story and music to share with us. Great way to start the day with a smile.”  -Kathy Rosson, about The Song On the Wind

“I enjoyed the story very much, have always loved the song. Great job.”  -Karen Gross, about The Song On the Wind

“Made my day. Thank you. ”  -Dawn Jackson, about The Song On the Wind

“Cute story. You do have a way with words. Merry Christmas!!”  -Dave Hendrickson, about The Song On the Wind

WHITE BIRD Short Fiction (alt cover) by Dennis Lowery

“This is just the type of story to read during the holidays. Dennis has a lovely way with words and crafting the story to keep the twist hidden just around the corner, but when it happens, it’s a warm and satisfying revelation. Grab a mug of coffee or cocoa, sit in a favorite chair, and enjoy this heartwarming story.” –Amazon Review of WHITE BIRD

“I just love your writing.” -Autumn H., about WHITE BIRD

“Loved the story.” –Rosa Cloyd (early reader), about WHITE BIRD

“Ohhhh, the suspense!!!!!!” –Janet Mix (early reader), about WHITE BIRD

“I’m hooked and love the story, Dennis!” –Nina Anthonijsz (early reader), about WHITE BIRD

What some of my readers had to say about Ask for the Dance, a coming of age story (with some important life lessons):

ASK FOR THE DANCE (commented) - A Short Story from Dennis Lowery

“A story about good parents who give the right advice, and how a smart kid can learn the right lessons from that advice. This is a Must Read.” -Jyoti Q Dahiya

“This has touched my heart.” -Vickie Farnsley

“Great story!” -Dirk Hooper

“That was such a beautiful story, brings back sweet memories.” -Paul Wing,

“Love it!” -BF

“Wow, that was amazing!!” -Queen Rae

“You have such mad talent! This!” -Cindy Corhn

“Great writing, Dennis. You are enormously talented. From a man who hates to admit any romantic inclinations, I want a do-over for high school.” -Gerald Shackelford

“Truly enjoyed it, Dennis.” -Denis Labelle

“Great read Dennis! ‘And chances are you will fail—at many things—if you’re trying to live a life of purpose and meaning to yourself.’ That’s some very sage advice.” -GP

“I love this story!” -Jenn R

“A beautiful story.” -Rebecca Fowler

“This left me grinning from ear to ear.” -Dawn Hart Jackson

“Young love… a great story! Loved it!” –Susan Gabriel

“If you’ve been around this collection, you know I have a high opinion of Dennis Lowery’s short stories. Here’s a fascinating piece of folklore/history, retold in his inimitable style.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about JACK  | The Origin of the Jack-O-Lantern (sharing with her followers via social media).

A few reader comments About In a House of Sorrow & Pain

DENNIS LOWERY - In A House of Sorrow and Pain - Short Fiction

“Well, that story just gave me a lovely chill up the back of my neck. Haha. Perfect…” –Dan S.

“If you haven’t read it, here’s another great story by Dennis Lowery. I love it.” –Sarah Odendahl

“Wow! A spooky but awesome provenance…” –Fay Handstock

“As with all of your stories Dennis Lowery, once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down til I finished.” –Regina Dollar Castleberry

“Like an unpardonable sin your words read so sweet. 🙂 I like this very much, Dennis. Very nicely written.” –Michael Koontz

“Fantastic!!!! Love it. It is really good and the chills went all the way to me in Norway.” –Sylvia Sotuyo

“Yes, this definitely was felt in Colorado, too. Intriguing and intense.” –Margie Casados

“Fantastic story, Dennis. Kind of in the O. Henry vein.” –Jim Zumwalt

READER POSTED ON FACEBOOK “‘She saw light and color just beyond and pushed harder. The dirty, broken, glass silently fell away and revealed the band of setting sunlight that now swept across the orchids.’ Whenever I feel down or whenever I’m struggling with something I always read this story. It reminds me to keep pushing because what I see through the broken and dirty glass is beautiful. Thank you, Dennis Lowery.” –Jaime Payamps, about What You Can See Through Broken Glass (in my collection SEASONS PASS | Life Remains)

“Amazing.” –Atai Sumaya, about All I Am

“A heart-warming little short story about love.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about The Dawn Star

“That was good. I thought I was going to cry when DELETED SPOILER PART. I love happy ending horror stories. Kinda creepy how I relate to it. I live in an old house, in the country, by myself, I had a German Shepherd until he passed away, my family worries about me being alone, I’m not hot but I don’t think I’m ugly either. Glad this had a good ending for several reasons. LOL.” –Brittany Stone, about NIGHT NOISES

THE BARGAINS BELOW - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

“Well written! The story flowed well and kept me eager to read on!” –Margaret Pypher, about The Bargains Below

“Good lord I’m never shopping for bargains again!! Brilliant!” –Rea de Miranda, about The Bargains Below

“Coooool. I lolled a few times too. Can’t wait to share once it is public.” –Nina Anthonijsz, The Bargains Below

“Interesting take on a ‘Faustian bargain’ version of werewolves.” –Tom Parsons, about The First Werewolf

“Time and tide waits for no man or in the now waits for woman either, wonderful to have that snapshot in time we can look back on. Loved the post.” –Chris Black, about Dance of Fireflies

“Love it! The best part of being a writer is the little scenes that can reel through our heads at any given time. It’s quite entertaining.” 🙂 –Kat Caldwell, about CAST Away

“Love this.” –Lory Case, about The Girl in Blue

“Thanks Dennis Lowery. It’s a little story, but so full of emotions.” –Mehdi Ben Hamida, about The Girl in Blue

“Sad, but beautifully poignant. Thanks for sharing this story!” –Rhonda Hall, about The Girl in Blue

“Beautiful… lovely!” –Fatima Loureiro, about The Girl in Blue

“A powerful story.” –Vicki Tyley, Bestselling author, about The Girl in Blue

“Awesome!” –Nina A, about Thou Shalt Not | Thou Shalt Not | Thou Shall

“Dennis, thanks for your edits and comments. I accepted all. You made it a better piece.” –TC, a client (organization president) who asked for help with improving their articles and blog posts

“This has got to be one of the most intriguing titles I’ve ever seen to generate reader interest! Very cleverly captioned!” –Jim Zumwalt, about this:

“Great read! Captivating and extremely well written!” –Antonio V., about Through A Lens of Dark & Light

“It’s a great story. I’m happy to boost it.” –Debra Dayton, helping spread the word about Through a Lens of Dark & Light

Through a Lens of Dark & Light... A Novella by Dennis Lowery (dark cover)

“I like it… although on the sad yet thoughtful side. Would that I could write like that.” –Brenda Church, about the excerpt from Through a Lens of Dark & Light 

“I genuinely enjoyed reading your novella. I thought it was well written and I highly recommend it! I think I will check out your other books as well.” –Antonio N., a second  comment about Through a Lens of Dark & Light

“A story, once read, you will never forget…” –from an Amazon review of Through a Lens of Dark & Light

“As a reader, there is no better experience than to forget you are reading and just become immersed in the story. This book did that…”  Amazon review of Through a Lens of Dark & Light…

“I was plowing through a really bad book and finally gave up. I loaded this book that I had downloaded a little while back and thank you, Dennis Lowery, for saving me from the reading blues! Excellent job! Loved the work! It was a really great read. I’m still thinking about it. And the end with the SPOILER REMOVED really hit home with the perspective of what one’s feelings, experiences, and sometimes tragedies might be to others.” –Mike M. Jensen [Commenting  on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

[This comment came in stages] 1) “I’m halfway through, Dennis. It’s wonderful. Hard to put it down. Great read!” 2) “Best I’ve read in a long time. I finished it late last night and even dreamt about it. I woke this morning and it’s still with me… I’ll have some coffee and get my thoughts together and let you know. :)” –Bobbie Z. [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…] A great thing about social media is that I get comments from readers while they are reading my stories. So I get a sense of what they are feeling about it in almost real-time. Here is what Bobbie sent me once she’d had her coffee [aboutThrough a Lens of Dark & Light…] 

Believing is Seeing. Coincidentally, strike that, I don’t actually believe in coincidence, but I happened to read an article just yesterday morning that discussed why many never find their purpose. It mentioned this very concept…and reminded me of something I’ve always understood to be true, that we see exactly what we’re looking for, in most situations throughout our lives. We see what we are ready to see. I cannot tell you how deeply this story affected me. I was drawn in from the very first song lyrics. I found myself singing each familiar tune along in my head, and as it always does, allowing the music to work as a time machine. In so many ways, I related to this tale. I loved how you wove now and then together through wakening and dreaming happenings. I loved the premise of light and dark, and the lens we all use to focus on what matters most to us….love, understanding, even forgiveness reaching back to heal the misunderstandings of the past. I adored the SPOILER REMOVED helping lead the SPOILER REMOVED. I loved that SPOILER REMOVED… Just everything, the genre, the photography, the history, the family secrets, the decade, kept me glued to the pages. (I actually found myself attempting to Turn the Pages on my iPad as if it were a bound book.) Wonderful tale, Dennis Lowery. You outdid yourself. Thank You. Devoted Reader, Bobbie

“In a story combining the writing style of O’Henry with the suspense of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, Dennis Lowery takes the reader on a fast-paced journey about love lost and love re-gained. With a riveting story-line, the reader is left hanging at the end of each chapter, eagerly ready to jump into the next. Very well written!!!” –Jim Zumwalt via email (James G. Zumwalt is the author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s BattlefieldsThe Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking.

“I liked the way you referenced songs. I will have to listen to them on YouTube. SPOILER REMOVED was a big surprise.I thought his SPOILER REMOVED. The story isn’t predictable.  That’s great writing.” –Renee McDaniel [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“An awesome story!” –Jyoti Dahiya [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“Hey Dennis, I have just finished reading your wonderful novella. I am left with a feeling of wonder at the research you must have put into the songs as well as other time era imagery you put in. Your work is very descriptive and leaves nothing to wonder as to when, how, what and why. I find it is a brilliant novel about friendship, and I use this word in the truest form only, it is also about true love. How it surpasses all time and into everlasting.  You have shown this all inside your novella. A story about of the past and present so intertwined but yet so meticulously laid out it flows through every time period. You have a talent I see for time change. Below are a few notes I have taken as I read by chapter. I thought I would include them.” –Randa Wilson [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…] NOTE: Randa sent me a chapter by chapter commentary on all that she liked in each chapter and major scene. It’s much appreciated to see that level of interest and engagement in a story you’ve written.

“Fantastic! Oh, this made me cry happy tears and had me riveted the entire time. I knew SPOILER PART REMOVED… I didn’t want to continue but I was compelled to finish even though I knew there was sadness mixed with joy. It makes me think that I should look at moments in my life differently.” –Kira H. [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

[This comment came in three stages]“1) Dammit Dennis Lowery !! Take my money already! This is good! My lunch break is over, but I don’t want to stop reading.  I think by far this is the best work of yours I’ve read yet. 2) I can tell a good story by the imagery it creates in my head.  If it’s good, as I’m reading, I’m seeing the events unfold like a movie… and that’s exactly what’s happening here.. down to background details. 3) Finished.. that was excellent and I’m extremely impressed.   I was actually laughing to myself and called you an SOB for the twist at the end.. well done. 😀 ” –Dan P. [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…] He further had this to add via social media: “Want a good read? I mean a really good read?  This is an excellent story… and if you don’t follow Dennis, I suggest you do. I don’t follow many authors, but I enjoy his works.  Good stuff. … do it…do it now…” 

“This grabbed me right away. Compelling… is it a ghost story!? [rhetorical]  Loved how the writing perspective changes between present and past. You tied up the loose ends beautifully. A great read.” –Debra Drayton [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“Reading a story, well-written and a so-called page-turner such as this, brings the reader to the point of recall of his/her distant past, particularly for us older folks. Interesting approach to past and present by date headings keeps the story moving along.” –David Hendrickson. [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“I love how the whole time I kept falling from one surprise into the next and how from beginning to end, the story kept building and building. The entire time, when you think, ok – this is it, another surprise is presented. Absolutely amazing until the last paragraph. And, I do have to mention this again.. Dennis.. The way you describe details.. I can’t tell you how special that is. Details that I think no one else would ever notice. You paint a picture with your words like no one else.” –Nina Anthonijsz [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“A wonderful rich story full of every detail I could imagine. I particularly enjoyed the music references and flow between past & present. Well Done!” –Fay Handstock [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“What an honor to have been included in the pre-unveiling of your work, thank you! So well written… the detailed descriptions taps into all the senses… nostalgia at its best. You know you’ve tapped into something great when each frame changes, moving you forward, yet gives new meaning to a previous scene or event. It’s a re-read with several stories, and even in that there are the stories that each character could tell. I’m left wanting more. Again, Thank you!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it in one sitting which is unusual for me. It kept me interested. —Mark [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

The excerpt, Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon… a scene from my novella Through a Lens of Dark & Light, resulted in the following comment thread on Facebook:

“I love it!” –Yochi Shilo, about Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon

“Thank you for your beautiful memory of love!” –Olena Melnyk [Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“Very moving if that is the word I want to use. I could picture it in my mind as I read it. And also picture the women that is gone.” –Mike Trani [Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“Dennis Lowery You want to evoke emotion with your writing. You succeed almost every single time. You are that good.” –Nina  Anthonijsz[Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“Beautiful. To have known that kind of love is a gift.” –Dawn Hart Jackson [Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“This is why you’re a great writer. You see every thing around you and you get great ideas.” –D. Denman [Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“Very touching and poignant.” –Kira H. [Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“Wonderful writing… I love it!!!” –Tammy Coker Collins, about Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon

“A very good read indeed. Now I am looking forward to reading it all.” –Michael Koontz [Commenting  on the excerpt from Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“I enjoyed the story a lot. From the character portraits to the small “technical” details (and accurate) of how he operated his camera, and the story itself, a very enjoyable read from you.” –Michael Koontz [Commenting on Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“Oooh, very nice!” –Kira H. [Commenting  on the excerpt from Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“Awesome! Dennis, you are gooood. 🙂 <Jumps up and down> SOOOO GOOOOD!!! MORE MORE!” –Nina Anthonijsz [Commenting  on the excerpt from Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“Another great story!” –Jim Zumwalt (James G. Zumwalt is the internationally bestselling author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s BattlefieldsThe Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking. [Commenting via email on the excerpt from Through a Lens of Dark & Light…]

“Another piece of writing by Dennis Lowery, this time fact not fiction and you are once again faced with what a powerful writer he is. And how his words make images and feelings dance within you.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about The Moments and Places That Make You Feel

“Love everything you say. Our precious dogs give us forever loyalty and unconditional love!” –Jeri Gething, about IT’S JUST A DOG

“Proverbially, short but sweet! One of those short stories that leave you wanting more. I would like to know what happened after the bayonet was drawn but it would appear that the author wants us to use our imagination.” –Antonio V., about The Boy Who Got Away

“This writer, Dennis Lowery… I have learned a lot through his stories, about life, over the years. When I finished I wanted to hug him. I’d like to share one of his latest gems here with you. You’re welcome.” –Nina Anthonijsz, sharing The Center That Holds on Facebook and Twitter

“I just read your blog entry on Memorial Day, really well done and thought provoking, lest we forget.” –General Richard ‘Butch’ Neal, USMC (Ret.) Former Assistant Commandant of the US Marine Corps, about MEMORIAL DAY (In Stone)

“I just love it. Loved Seals and Croft in their heyday too!” –Adrianne, about The Smile Waitin’ in the Kitchen

“Just read your ‘Honey, Where’s That Book?” It was a blast 😉 and nice use of ‘letting the reader use their own imagination.'” –Debra Dayton

“I just love wordsmiths. Ever since I was a kid, in heaven with two large unabridged Webster’s dictionaries and Encyclopedia Britannica, I appreciated just how people can make writing seem so easy (when I’m always questioning just HOW they can take an idea and create a whole world around it, like Tolkien did with his love of languages and created a fantasy world from it). Mr. Lowery has that knack and does it in the abridged form so needed these days (as we’re following much more content than ever before, to read War and Peace manuals too often now).” –Kevyne Shandris, about How To Get Started on Your Memoir

“I love it.” –Yochi Shilo, about The Oxygen Mask Priority

“I just finished reading, ‘What You Can See Through Broken Glass,’ and I absolutely loved it. It was so relatable and spoke with me instantly.” –Jaime K Payamps

“This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! This is my fave kind of story!” –Sheri Caldwell, about BLINDED

“Thanks. Enjoyed.” –Heather Papa, about SAVED! | What a Child Taught Me

“Really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.” –Vanshika Dudeja, about SAVED! | What a Child Taught Me

“For people who are bookworms, and people who have a hard time sitting still to read a book….. this man is amazing, he can grab your attention and by the time you know it you’re finished and wanting more. Glimpse his writings and you’ll see for yourself! I’m so very proud to call him my brother-in-law/brother since I don’t have any brothers and I’ve known him for most of my life. Amazing how he puts words on paper and they come alive and make you feel them so hard and true. Thank you, Dennis!” –Rebecca, about Born Different

“A beautiful little story about how parenting brings about change–sometimes in unexpected ways.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about SAVED! | What a Child Taught Me

Teary-eyed while smiling.” –Nina A., about SAVED! | What a Child Taught Me

“Enjoyed that – especially Alpha and Beta’s presence.” –Margaret Burckard, about Like the Song, She Haunted Our Dreams

“I love how defined you have made each time period. And, how relatable the characters especially in relationship of one to another. I held my breath, cheered for the heroes and applauded their courage. This takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions… pain, sorrow, brewing love and more. Bravo Dennis!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara, about BLINDED

“The story behind the story is very interesting! Creepy but in a good kind of way.” –Margaret Burckard, about The Story Behind the Story… In a House of Sorrow and Pain

“Nice and scary. Thanks immensely. I love short stories.” –Mohanbir Singh Ghura, about The Story Behind the Story… In a House of Sorrow and Pain

“So captivating!” –Carol Goller, about Like the Song, She Haunted Our Dreams

“Bad boy 😀 You are soooooo great !!!!!” –Irena Udoviciv, about Like the Song, She Haunted Our Dreams

“Captivating as all his stories are! Dennis Lowery has a way of bringing you in and leaving you wanting more.” –from an Amazon Review of Union Station

“This writer always has the gift to make my day. That story about Huck is truly inspiring and has put hope back in my life. Thank you Dennis Lowery for another great work of literature.” –Katie Amanda Kuper, about The Note to Miss Watson

“Wow. Goosebumps. Well done, and you’re raising a great pair!” — Jyoti Q Dahiya, about BABY SATAN  in A Crosswalk

“You know that moment when you come across someone, who is able to put things in such a way that all you can do is nod passionately in agreement while saying ‘Exactly!’ To me, this author, Dennis Lowery is such a person.” — Nina Anthonijsz, about BABY SATAN  in A Crosswalk

“Rare getting wordsmithing like this these days. Where figurative storytelling isn’t CGI hand-holding. The mark of a great writer is pulling you into his/her fantasy, yet also letting your imagination fill in the missing pieces. Why books are still the best medium for storytelling (not movies/videos).” –Kevyne Shandris, about Dance of Fireflies

“I felt like I was sitting on the couch with Alpha and Beta!” –Janet Mix, about The Boy Who Got Away

“I wish I was on a chair next to the twins. I so enjoy what you write.” –Jo Myers, about The Boy Who Got Away

“I’m reading your book now, ‘Blinded’ first. OMG, it’s so Good!Thank you!” –NeoMe Brock, about NIGHT DESCENDS

Right on point Dennis. We need to read, compare, learn alternative viewpoints, and listen before we speak.” –Donna McAleer, about Horny Toes

“I’m hooked , and I want your book. I’ve just subscribed to updates and confirmed via e-mail. I look forward to reading more of your works! Have you heard of Jonathan Aycliffe/Daniel Easterman (Denis M. MacEoin)? I enjoy the writing genre under the first pen name. I mention this because I think your style is comparable to his.


“Beautiful, wonderful stories, what a fabulous collection!” –Deidre Huff, about SEASONS PASS | Life Remains

“The power of words written by a writer with passion for all things is a gift…” –Andro Vampy, about SEASONS PASS | Life Remains

“A collection of beautiful, inspirational stories… but Dennis’s works are never ‘just stories.’ They always leave the reader with some kind of positive feeling and always, always give you something to think about. I love how it takes him only a few words to paint a vivid image of any given situation, how he draws you in and makes you feel as if you are part of his story, a witness. And that is a special and beautiful experience.” –Nina Anthonijsz, about SEASONS PASS | Life Remains

“Your writings remind me of the pebble thrown into a pond, creating ripples that flow outward and go on to change the surrounding shoreline. Clearly, your writings have had just such a ripple effect on the lives of others. That is a great talent to have. I congratulate you for your ability to do so.” –Jim Zumwalt, about SEASONS PASS | Life Remains

“You wrote a great story and I felt every word. Your significant ending to the story was ‘The Song of Solomon, the passion of love bursting into flame is more powerful than death, stronger than the grave.’ Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful heart!” –Evy Hannes, about The Candle (a story included in my collection of suspenseful stories, NIGHT DESCENDS

“Love it.” –C.S. Jackson, about There is No More Wine from Atlantis

“I absolutely love what you wrote. It brought tears to my eyes and enlightened my heart. At least we know that from utter darkness comes the most amazing light, for that day we wait with perseverance, tolerance and patience as goodness breeds goodness.” –Ruby King, about There is No More Wine from Atlantis

“Thank you. I have been looking forward to your response to this horror. Probably because I knew upfront it would soothe my pain. Thank you.” –Nina Anthonijsz, about There is No More Wine from Atlantis

Reader comments about HALF… one of the stories in my collection, SEASONS PASS | Life Remains:

“Beautiful.” –Ann Brocklesby

“Love it, cheers!” –John Phillips

“Amazing story.” –Khadija Rouchadi

“Imbued with purpose, your daughters will go forth. Thanks for sharing.” –Abigail van Rooyen

“It’s truly amazing!” –Yinusa Teejani

“I love it, nice story.” –Olena Melnyk

“Great story!” –Priya Khan

“I truly enjoyed this short story, thank you!” –AL

“Very nice, lovely.” –Anne Derutas Gellama

“Beautiful!” –Elena Pavel

“Got it and cried a bit. Held it to my chest and giggle cried. I love how your words can strike a different chord for each person that reads them. Anyhow… I was flying high about the book and couldn’t stop myself from tearing through it. My heart is damn near bursting with happiness. Thank you.” –Dawn Jackson, about her advance copy of SEASONS PASS | Life Remains

“I have to say that ‘Born Different’ and ‘Wings’ were two that really touched me. Not that there was a bad spot in there at all; just wanted to let you know I completely loved the book.” –Craig Sprout, about his advance copy of SEASONS PASS | Life Remains

“I love the different personalities of each character and how the writer bridged them together. The story was a straight forward easy read. It had everything that I needed in a good book, lies, murder, drugs, secrets, and deceit.” –from an Amazon review of ‘Til the End

“Jeeeeeeesus! Eeeek!! That name alone is so wrong already! Appreciate the disclaimer… And one more thing: the way you described the way she took a deep breath… Masterful.” –Nina A. , about Timmy

“It’s not easy for me to be brief because there’s a lot I can say about him. But I’ll try: I first contacted Mr. Dennis Lowery in 2014 to discuss my story about the Vietnam war. Now, two years later, we have completed three book projects—novels—together (two about the war in Vietnam and persecution and escape afterward, and another about how a combat-wounded [Iraq] veteran saves a pit bull from being euthanized and how that dog, in turn, saved her life). Dennis provided me with tremendous assistance in developing the plots, structuring the books, editing and proofreading the final drafts. I have also learned a lot about publishing from Dennis and that you can tell your story, write your book and send your message to the readers at large, without depending on major publishers. Last but not least, I appreciate the opportunity to work with such an intelligent, decent and good man.” –Duyen Nguyen, Esq.

“Woooo!!! I work in vacant houses, cleaning up moldy situations. This sent a chill up my spine!!! Thanks! I think.” –Lori Sherwood, about Timmy

“Just purrfect…, Dennis.” –Hazel Payne, about Timmy

“Luv’d this.” –Liz S., about Timmy

“Creepy. And fun.” –Alvin Stearns, about Timmy

“Love this… spooky good. I knew I’d be Halloween pleased stopping by to read. So glad I did!” 🙂 –Margie Casados, about Timmy

“Oh wow!!! This is really exciting stuff, Dennis. I will sleep with one eye open tonight after reading this.” –Sylvia Sotuyo, about Timmy

“When I watched the video your voice triggered my Alexa too — so I got that same eerie echo effect. The book looks great!” –Doug Metz, about the video of the NIGHT DESCENDS eProof

“I hope it does well for you! You are an amazing writer. You weave your words together like a fine fabric always with beautiful results.” –Janet L. Mix, about the October release of NIGHT DESCENDS

“I can’t wait to have it in my hands! Looks gorgeous! (and I loved the song).” –Nina Anthonijsz, about the video peek inside NIGHT DESCENDS

“Okay I just stumbled upon this and wow this is a very nice piece of writing!” –PV, about HOME Trees

“It’s amazing how descriptive your writing is. Every time I so much as read a sentence from you, let alone a short story, I’m there–in the scene. I’m feeling the emotions of the characters and experiencing the events likewise! Thank you.” –Jessica Griffin, about HOME Trees

“Your words are so colorful that I was actually able to ‘see’ your memories as you painted them on the page. I could hear the laughter of the girls as they were running around and having fun in your backyard. You do so know how to put words on paper in such a way as to help a person to be able to see what you want them to see. You are a truly remarkable writer. I love reading your stuff.” — Brenda Church, about HOME Trees

When I came across this book, I was interested in the suspense that was described, although I have no liking for football what so ever. I decided to give this a try based on the reviews and I am so glad that I did. This book is a very simple read and it’s written in a relaxed style that allows me to enjoy this book without too much concentration. The writer wastes no time introducing the key stars in this book, Ryan, Tyler, Avery, and Jacob. I like that I knew exactly who each of the boys were right from the beginning of the book, and I was able to gauge their character and have a better understanding of their actions as the book progressed. The football scenes in the book were tolerable for me and I was continuously engaged and kept wanting to read more, especially when the action begins in the story.” –Ashlie Walton, from her Amazon review of ‘Til the End

“Clear concise and oh so raw. Bird’s eye view into the sharing of siblings upon the passing of their Mom. With ease could be anyone of us. Nice read.” –Bryanne Ineson, about What You Can See Through Broken Glass

“OOOHH HELL YEAH!!!! Loved it. Awesome!!! Exciting, with unexpected twists and turns.—SPOILER PART OF COMMENT REMOVED — Thanks for this very satisfying story, Dennis, I really enjoyed it!” –Nina Anthonijsz, about The Crossing

“I think you are a great writer!” –-Teresa Nevinger, about the STORIES collection shared on social media

“Oh man! You really got me with this one. Could not stop reading and had no clue about the twists and turns of the story.” –Susan Lewis, about The Crossing

“Very sweet!” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about What You Can See Through Broken Glass

“That’s good. But now I have to know about the white dress! I’m on the edge of my seat. Nice writing. Keep it up. I’m hooked” –Brenda Church, about The Crossing

“You really do have a knack for punch lines. Loving it!” –Kevyne Shandris, about my writing

“Nicely done!” –Dan S., about The Crossing

“I just finished reading it. Love the twist..hehe…in the story. You always have the best surprises!?” –Debra Dayton, about The Crossing

“A very good story….love it.” –Lalina Ramnarine, about The Old Trunk

“You are pushed forward on a ‘fated’ path… all those intricate details… Is this a movie?! You try but you cannot untangle yourself… amazed at the turn of events… and a deeper layer shows.. which is painful… and I love it! Thank you Michael [a reader that shared the story with her] for introducing this great writer … expanding our lives!” 🙂 –N. Azadi, about Union Station

“These shorts are simply terrific. I’m a bookworm and devour good prose. Never can get enough. A+++” –Kevyne Shandris, about The Old Trunk

“Thanks for sharing this wonderful story in such a very simple way. I do think many of us can relate and it is very encouraging to us as well.” –Camilla Bynoe, about The Old Trunk

Reader comments about ‘TIL THE END – excerpts from some of the Amazon Reviews

Til the End - A Novel by Joseph Patrick With Dennis Lowery

“An excellent read and one which will totally captivate any person who played high school sports.” –Robert Steven Thomas, Amazon USA Top 200 Review

“A Great story! This is a very interesting read. Perhaps it should be used as an example, or reminder that life is not a video game, you can’t reset the screen or reload the game, once something is done, it cannot be undone – you must live with the consequences for life, the buck stops with you!” –Susan Keefe

“Awesome book!” –Rick Gnacke

“Dreams die hard in Michigan author Joseph Patrick33’s dark, relentless and, at times, crushing novel, “’Til The End,” about four high school football stars overflowing with high hopes, unlimited talent, wild ambition and some increasingly dark secrets. This novel will grab you like a football cleat grabs turf on page one and keep you guessing until the final page. The author is concerned with how the choices we make define our lives and the lives of those we love. “’Til The End” is about what the author describes as “unpredictable fate” that can turn on a dime and take our greatest dreams and aspirations to places unimaginable in our worst hours. Familiarity with the settings, along with an ability to create jaw-dropping, dramatic scenes spanning 1988 to 1993, allow the author to maintain an authenticity that resonates and never feels contrived. He also has a sharp ear for the kind of dialogue that keeps the overall narrative rushing toward what is inevitably more hard knocks and defeats for the four friends who once swore solidarity and are now separated geographically. In the end, the author brings it all back home to Shelby Township with this cautionary, heartbreaking novel. Just as sports often imitates life with its glory, passion, promise and thrill of victory, “’Til The End” portrays the impossibility of hiding from secrets, erasing the past or carrying on lives filled with lies. The author is a championship storyteller and his novel succeeds in us showing how we all pay, in one way or another, for the choices we make. We may not be able to control fate, according to the author, but “’Til The End” brilliantly underscores how facing reality like a full-body tackle can make us all winners at our very core.” –John J. Kelly

“Michigan author Joseph Patrick33 is likely using a nom de plume: that would explain the ‘33’ tacked on the end of his name. It is nearly impossible to believe that this is his debut into the literary field as ‘TIL THE END is a major achievement and one that signals the arrival of an important new voice in American literature. As far as background information we are only informed that he has 11 years of higher education earning degrees at the bachelors, masters and doctorate level, area of concentration not shared. He does acknowledge assistance from Dennis Lowery, a highly skilled author whose many books indicate his vast life experiences and technique of expression have aided many other authors. So Joseph opens this fine novel with a conundrum. Joseph does share that his first novel may be fiction, but within that fiction are the keys to facts that every reader will discover and find universals within the events of the story and the characters that ring true to each of our life journeys. And that is one of the many reasons this new author is important to watch. The novel is set outside Detroit from 1988 – 1991 – and in that three year timeframe we learn the intricacies of each of the four lads’ destinies which in retrospect as the book ends allows us entry into the interstices of coming of age, promises of glory, the dark finger of fate, and the impact of misjudged bonds of a lie and strange dissolution of dreams as tainted by those factors we all recognize as deterrents to a happy life. This is not only an important debut novel: this is a very finely written important novel about choices. Highly Recommended.” –Grady Harp, Top 100 Reviewer

“Intense from the beginning, the author creates four major characters with whom readers can connect and sympathize. Each one must keep a mutual, dangerous secret that will twist and turn his entire future. Found ‘Til the End’ to be a poignant, gut-wrenching morality lesson of good and bad decisions based on life’s uncertainties.” –Darlene Hood

“Great read! Your daughter is an amazing artist as well! Peace, love, and positivity to you and yours.” –Adam Helbling, about HURT

“This is not only felt for everyone of us but very true that you are the only one who feels for oneself. Thank you for putting it together in a unique way that we can understand.” –Tisha Ashpole, about HURT

Every time I read this, I get a lump in my throat.” –Nina A., about HURT

“Exquisitely written as always.” –Chris Chan, about Ink & Shadows | PRELUDE

“Eerie. Baffling. Well written!” –Margaret Burckard, about Ink & Shadows | PRELUDE

“I think this story touches so many and I just wanted to share…!” –Sheri Carter, sharing What You Can See Though Broken Glass on her social media

“You have a wonderful talent. Your short stories captivate my mind and this piece reveals what I think almost every day too. Wow!” –Miriam Omi, about The Water Girl

“That was such a beautiful story, brings back sweet memories.” –Paul Wing, about Ask for the Dance

“Love it!” –BF, about Ask for the Dance

“Wow, that was amazing!! ” –Queen Rae, about Ask for the Dance

“Another great story! –Mimi, about The Boy Who Got Away

Recent re-shared my story, Finding the Light in Her Smile and received a bunch of new comments on it:

“I love it.” –Violetta Mukami

“Dennis, you are a wonder!” –Jo Myers

“Beautiful!” –Charlene Talley

“I needed this just now. I really needed this. Thank you.” –Cilla C.

“A wonderful read. Breakfast table wisdom straight from life.” –Michael Koontz

“I first read this to myself, at Cilla’s prompting. I then read it aloud to the friends I’m sharing a cottage with. They enjoyed it as much as I did. Dark Side of the Moon is now playing. Thank you.” –Sean Heffernan

“Lovely story. Thank you.” –Marsha Mooneyhan

“Awesome, you know I don’t know if this was meant for what I am thinking but; I think this could go a long way if people notice someone is always alone in the cafeteria for an example, choose to reach out to them, talk to them and treat them like a good friend, it could save or change their life.” –Diane Martin

“Dennis Lowery’s wisdom never fails to be practical and applicable. I hope you’re smiling by the time you get to the end, too.” –Cilla C., sharing the story on social media

“Dennis Lowery’s words are just what I needed to read this morning…maybe you need to read them, too.” –Bobbie Z., sharing the story on social media

“Absolutely a Cracker 🙂 Glad you shared it Cilla 🙂 Thank you :)” –Sat Biswas

“Marvelous, isn’t it? So many smiles shared today!” 🙂 –Bobbie Z.

“It’s infectious and Dennis Lowery started the smile conga line this morning.” 😀 Cilla C.

“Beautiful, indeed and wise!” –Eve Aebi

“‘Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.’ Very good Dennis, very good indeed! ☆☆☆☆☆ –Joe J.

“Awesome…thanks.” –AE

“A beautiful message in this story. You always give hope in your writings. Thank you.” –Nina Anthonijsz, about What You Can See Through Broken Glass

“It’s beautiful. You are a wonderful writer, keep the stories coming.” –Sheila Adams, about What You Can See Through Broken Glass

“So much this! I’m a giver by nature and it took me a long time to realize that I needed to believe in what people do and not what they say and that some people are emotional vampires. I’m still kind, but I’m no longer a doormat.” –Michelle C., about About Being Good… to Others

“Not just a Signal Boost… I like the way Dennis Lowery tells a story.” –Debra Dayton, on social media sharing with others and boosting my presence at MEDIUM

“This novel will grab you like a football cleat grabs turf on page one and keep you guessing until the final page. The author is concerned with how the choices we make define our lives and the lives of those we love. “’Til The End” is about what the author describes as “unpredictable fate” that can turn on a dime and take our greatest dreams and aspirations to places unimaginable in our worst hours. An ability to create jaw-dropping, dramatic scenes spanning 1988 to 1993, allow the author to maintain an authenticity that resonates and never feels contrived. He also has a sharp ear for the kind of dialogue that keeps the overall narrative rushing toward what is inevitably more hard knocks and defeats for the four friends who once swore solidarity and are now separated geographically. In the end, the author brings it all back home… with this cautionary, heartbreaking novel.” –from an Amazon Review of ‘Til the End

“This really made me think about things… about my own ‘treasures.’ I believe we all have treasures of some sort if we look hard enough. The question we have to ask ourselves is which ones are really worth holding on to.” –Brenda Church, about The Old Trunk

“Dennis, you amaze me once again! You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but every story is better than the last! Thanks for the great reads!!” –Cristie Brewer, about The Old Trunk

You make life good, Dennis Lowery. And you do ‘bad’ some good, too!” –Lena K.

“Beautifully written. I was left wanting more.” –Chris Chan, about One Summer Night

“Oh Dennis, this is fabulous!” –Rea de Miranda, about One Summer Night

A story that had all the hairs standing up, in the best possible way. Lovely! Read and enjoy. Dennis Lowery is great.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about One Summer Night

“This one brought tears…great story!” –Tracie Parker, about Born Different

“All-time favorite. Holds the most special of places in my heart.” ♡ –Dawn Jackson, about Born Different

“One of my favorites!” –Janet Mix, about Born Different

“Dennis Lowery never disappoints. Spellbinding and breathtaking, I never wanted to put this one down. In fact, I’m looking forward to rereading it.” –Bobbie Today, an Amazon review of BLINDED (an 18,568-word novella)

“This is a very finely written important novel about choices. Highly Recommended.” –excerpt from an Amazon review of ‘Til the End.

“I honestly can’t wait to read more.” –Brenda Church, about, The Night Bridge

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“OOOH! Very nice. [And when she shared a link to the story on her social media] Dennis tells his daughters about the creepy girl in high school. High suspense!” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about Like the Song | She Haunted Our Dreams

“I don’t know where you come up with these things, Dennis!” –Janet Mix, about Little Pink Elephants

A beautiful story!! You are great!” –Tammy Coker Collins, about The Sweetest Hours

“Oh my word… amazing… I laughed at the part where he didn’t say goodbye that first morning… brilliant… and cried at the part where he, lovingly cooked for his wife and studied her, without any negative words of the coolness that had come between them. And a perfect ending, my friend. You are more than talented Dennis Lowery. Thank you for sharing your work with us!!!” –Tracie Parker, about The Sweetest Hours

“Your writing amazes me! I truly think you could write about anything. You draw me in from the first phrase and leave me wanting more with the last. I know this is an excerpt but even when your short stories end there could be more.” –Janet L. Mix, about In the Shadows My reply: Thanks Janet! I appreciate the compliment about my writing. I do try to leave my readers wanting more because I think that’s the mark of truly engaging them in the story.

“Dennis Lowery comes up with some excellent stuff, usually targeted at his own young teens. However, since he’s a good writer, he often converts it into a story, allegory or essay that has applicability across the spectrum. So, here’s a piece about identifying ‘good’ but ‘negative’ people, and the impact they have. The sad truth is that some people are emotional drains. All the love in the world won’t prevent them from sucking down other people’s lives. They need treatment, and mere love won’t do the job. Beware of them. Particularly, don’t get into long term relationships with them, without setting up protection for your own mental health.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about About Being Good… to Others

“Thanks, Dennis Lowery. I wish my Dad had written that for me 40 years ago…but then again, I probably wouldn’t have listened. Sometimes “being good” to each other means walking away from them in order to maintain self-respect and save our selves.  In some way, I believe that does help them grow, and maybe even consider changing their path. Maybe not.  We’re only human, after all. “ –Bobbie Z., about About Being Good… to Others

“Quite how you portray such things through mere words never fails to amaze me.” –Nyan N., about my short story All I Am

PART 1 – “Ok. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment but I guess I’ll have to. That sucks.” –P. Tane, about the serialization of All I Am (free for one week in my Fiction) and they continued the next day with: PART 2- “Well, that was interesting. Still can’t wait to read more.” and the following day: PART 3 – “Ok. So what happened to the girl? The old lady apparently died in the rocking chair, but the girl was supposedly in some kind of a coma. You are killing me! Gahhhhhh!” And about PART 4 – “I’d rather wait for the installments. The story is proving interesting as I figured it might. I’m really enjoying your writing. I can’t wait for another exciting sci-fi [part].” PART 5 – “Oh, dude! You got me on the edge of my seat! What the hell! These are just small bit pieces you’re giving us. I need more! Pleeeeease!”

“If you can’t enjoy it physically, you can always escape in the imagery that Dennis manages to conjure up. My morning is beginning much the same, through his mind’s eye!” –Gerald Shackelford, about The Morning…

“Love it ;-))” –Teresa Pilcher, about At 17… then and now…

“Most excellent! I love a hard-boiled noir story and this fits the bill!” –Kevin Lockhart, about The Wrong Man

“This is the very best thing that I read today.” –Dawn Jackson, about “I’m  not a guy looking for trouble…”

“A good book [story].” –Audrey Dallas, about the Booktrack version of The Boy Who Got Away

“I went through a flash fiction phase when it originally became popular.  I never really found an author whose short works fit into my reading preferences but may have just found one.” 🙂 –Alysianah Noire, about Under an Artificial Rain…

“Wonderful ♡” –Dawn Hart Jackson, about Under an Artificial Rain…

“Very good!” –Kitten Holiday, about Under an Artificial Rain…

“Hey, first I love your stories and am glad I happened to find them. Well done and smooth movement through years and life.” –Matthew DeVirgillis, about She Made a Beautiful Sunday

“That was lovely. I like to think that one of the advantages to being in my 40s and not in my 20s, is the wisdom to be able to make calculated risks, even if they are for pleasure.” –Michelle C., about She Made a Beautiful Sunday

“You are able to describe situations and feelings so I feel I was part of it. That is so beautiful!” –Nina Anthonijsz, about A Moment & Memory | Outside Our Window

“Nice. Took me back to my young married days. Thanks for the trip!” –Cheri Lynn Reeves, about The Smile Waitin’ in the Kitchen

“Really cool Mr. Lowery! Thanks for sharing!” –CN, about Leaving Taos

“Brilliant.” –Thelma Dailey, about Leaving Taos

“This is beautiful; thank you for sharing with us.” –Cory May, about The Water Girl

“Amazing. I really did enjoy reading it. I’m looking forward to read more of your stories…” –Maria Adeli Bituin, about The Water Girl

“Really enjoyed that and want more.  Glad I happened across this today. If you have a link to where I can follow or find your other short stories, I’d enjoy having it.  Thanks.” –Alysianah Noire, about The Water Girl

“You are a true gentleman and I really enjoy doing business with you.” — Senator Larry Pressler (Retired)

“I loved it. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop until I finished. Your writing is very descriptive; I felt as if I was there.” –Jessica Griffin, about The Pleasure Planet | A Captain Bob — Space Explorer — Adventure

“Awesome funny. And … the irony.” 🙂 –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about The Knocking Dead

“Very true, yet I haven’t seen it communicated so clearly nor explained in such a perfect analogy. Thank you for this!” –Deidre Huff, about my LinkedIn Pulse article, What Successful People Never Do

“Wow! That sucked me in!! I’m glad I didn’t read it at night!” –Janet Mix, about BLINDED’s opening scene – shared on Facebook

“Drags you right in, very good.” — Jo Myers, about  BLINDED’s opening scene – shared on Facebook

“Another great short! Lowery is truly a Jack of all pens; is there any genre the man can’t write?” –E.W. Johnson

“Wonderful, Dennis. The ‘smoke’ in here is making my eyes water.” –Mike Trani, about Of Dogs & Leaves… and the Girl Who Finally Believed in Herself

“Your stories, the way that you tell them, touches me deep inside. They make me think and make me feel. Your heart and soul shine through your words. And what I see is beautiful.” –Nina A.

“A story about good parents who give the right advice, and how a smart kid can learn the right lessons from that advice. This is a Must Read.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about Ask for the Dance…

“Ha ha I remember reading this the first time, and I still love it. Charming and witty, very much looking forward to seeing it completed.” [The series is told in installments/episodes.] –Michael Koontz, about The Pleasure Planet | The Adventures Of Captain Bob, Space Explorer [The first installment.]

“That was a good read. I wish the volume could go a bit higher but the whole experience was new, interesting and overall something I could support as an avid reader.” –SA, about the Booktrack version of The Boy Who Got Away

“I’m selfish, Dennis. I only share quality stuff so that people realise I have great taste.” 😀 –Jyoti Q Dahiya, commenting about sharing PROGRESS… In Work [an Alpha & Beta Story]

“This makes me happy.” –Dawn Hart Jackson, about AGELESS Love…

“Love your writing!” –Renee Mann

“Dennis Lowery never disappoints. Spellbinding and breathtaking…” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

“So romantic and awesome!” -Olena Melnyk, about, Baby… I’d Love You To Want Me

“Great story! Would have loved to sit in on that conversation because of my love of history and specifically Persian history.” –Dan S., about It’s Good to Have Friends Like This

“Enjoyed your story… and the song!” –Vera Athans, about It’s Good to Have Friends Like This

“Beautiful…” –Vicki Tyley, about The Ballerina in the Garden

“Wonderful story Dennis. Thank you. I’m going to share this post and copy the link to the wonderful little story.” –Mike Trani, about Born Different

“I always enjoy the visions from your head.” 🙂 –Deidre, about Born Different

“So beautiful…” –AJ Bell, about Born Different

“I love it!!!”  –Rebecca Weilersbacher, about, Finding the Light in Her Smile

“One of my favorites!!! I hope your daughters know how blessed they are!” –Janet Mix, about Born Different

“Thanks, Dennis, absolutely fantastic!” –Olena Melnyk, about She Was Just A Statue

“I loved this!” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

“This is wonderful. It put a huge smile on my face. Thank you for sharing this…  I needed it.” –Dawn Hart Jackson, about PROGRESS… In Work

“You have such mad talent! ♥ this!” –Cindy Corhn, about Ask for the Dance

“Great writing, Dennis. You are enormously talented. From a man who hates to admit any romantic inclinations, I want a do-over for high school.” –Gerald Shackelford, about Ask for the Dance

“Absolutely fascinating story! Once I started, I could not stop reading.” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

“The scenes and characters are so well developed, readers can experience them as they unfold. You will not be disappointed.” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

“I could not put this down once I started reading… I would highly recommend this author to anyone that loves a good story, interesting characters and likes to be pulled into a story from the first page.” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

“I really enjoyed this. Many times you hear people say – I couldn’t put it down. I don’t always agree with them but in this case it definitely held true.” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

“I had to read it but THE LIGHTS ARE ON!!!!!” –Janet L. Mix, about The First Werewolf…

“That was good! Such detail. I could imagine the scene transpiring.” –Tracie Parker, about The First Werewolf…

“You can’t stop now Dennis… a masterpiece in the making. I love how defined you have made each time period. And, how relatable the characters especially in relationship of one to another. Written on the heels of Halloween, I held my breath, cheered for the heroes and applauded their courage. This takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions… pain, sorrow, brewing love and more. Bravo Dennis!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara, about BLINDED...

“I loved it! I was not ready for it to end, honestly. There seemed to be more to be said. You are so very good at what you do. Loved Morgan and the fact that she was a barista. I may have squealed a little bit when she busted open the Sumatra. Alex was a bit of a mystery, which I am sure was intentional. Anyhow…thank you again. It was perfect for today.” [Halloween]. –Dawn Hart Jackson, about BLINDED...

“Blown away… “ –Lena Kindo-Kamara, about Just Before Midnight…

“Captivating! I don’t think I could read a full story of that. It’s so good I’d have to sleep with the light on!” –Janet Mix, about Just Before Midnight…

“OMG, I loved this! But then again, I do love your writing. I had to put it down the first few times I started to read it because I was at work and couldn’t keep reading. A wonderful thing to have as a reader. I would love to continue reading the story. It’s a great story, moves at a nice clip and all the characters are interesting and beautifully written. It’s like I’m right there with them.” –Susan Lewis, about BLINDED...

“That was amazing!” –Michelle C., about Night Noises…

“I really enjoyed this. Many times you hear people say – I couldn’t put it down. I don’t always agree with them but in this case, it definitely held true. The pacing is very fast, like an action movie – and keeps you going from scene to scene. The headers with time/location worked well for that as it didn’t require lengthy exposition to set a new scene.” –Doug Metz, about BLINDED… 

“Absolutely fascinating story! Once I started, I could not stop reading. Your very vivid descriptions of scene after scene made the reader feel as if he was there experiencing it alongside the characters. When it comes to the paranormal genre, the sign of a good writer is one who causes a reader’s heartbeat to quicken. Mine did!” –Jim Zumwalt, about BLINDED… 

“Beautiful story, Dennis!” –Ewin, about In the WINDOW…

“I love your writing…I can see everything as I read it!! I so enjoy when you write about your life with your beautiful bride and daughters.” –Renee Mann, about Home Trees

“So sweet.” –Julie Nader, about Home Trees

“That is beautifully said.” –Susan E Dymond, about Home Trees

“Reading through your posts, I am impressed with the sense of joy you express in them for your wife and kids. It is so refreshing to see such reflections from a loving husband and father. Bravo Zulu!” –Jim Zumwalt

“That’s lovely!” –Janet L Mix, about Home Trees

♥ Debbie Gaudet, about Home Trees

“Wonderful read!  Instantly brought me back in time.” — B. Ambrose, about In the WINDOW…

“Love this.” –Dawn Jackson, about In the WINDOW…

“I love. Love. Love it. Descriptions as always, brilliant. I could almost smell and taste that coffee! Good stuff!” ♥ –Nina Anthonijsz, about In the WINDOW…

“It’s beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.” –Rebecca S. Fowler, about In the WINDOW…

“You’re very good! Cute story!” –Janet Mix, about The Little Boy in a Lost Photo

“It touched my heart Dennis!” ♥ –Rea de Miranda, about The Ballerina in the Garden

“Beautiful. I just love this story.” –Amy Dionne, about Born Different…

“Moved me very much. It could have been written about/for me… thank you.” –Rebeccas S. Fowler, about Born Different…

“This is not for the kids but it was fun reading! Had fits of laughter while reading this short story. Nice job with the music and sound effects too. Loved it!” –Tracy Andersen, about The Pleasure Planet | The Adventures Of Captain Bob, Space Explorer

“Great story…I enjoyed it thoroughly..thanks so much for sharing this wonderful and poignant story that take us all back to our younger and inexperienced day…the music was perfect!” –Shasta Davis about, Sweet Love

“That is wonderful writing. Well done!” –Lane Philan, about Born Different…

“Now that was a nice turn of events… fun short story you got here. You took me on a ride from Hmm… to Woah! in a matter of pages. LOL” –Rose Kensington, about HONEY, Where’s That Book…

“Love it!” — Susan Gabriel, about Like the Song – She Haunted Our Dreams

“Lovely, fluid write 🙂 Happiness is just a simple as that.” –Nadia Fortuna, about Born Different…

“Love the story and song. The song was one of my Aunt Sara & Uncle Clifford’s ♡ favorite songs. Thanks for the beautiful memories.”  –Rebecca, about You Never Even Called Me By My Name

“Amazing story you got here. Thanks for sharing it! Worth the read.” — Damon Xanders at Booktrack, about The Boy Who Got Away

“Wow! Loved it! This is such a wonderful read. 5 stars!” :D— Monette Tolin at Booktrack, about CATCH & Release.

“I like it. Loved how the story progressed to bring it to the conclusive event.” — Monette Tolin at Booktrack, about Honey, Where’s That Book?

“Amazing flash fiction and it literally ended with a flash. Loved it!” — John Christopher at Booktrack, about Honey, Where’s That Book?

“That was an awesome book I loved it” — Kobe Ropitini at Booktrack, about The Boy Who Got Away

Her smile made me smile…

From a fan 8-20-2015

[This came in via separate comments so I’ve edited for clarity and to join the two together.] “Just finished reading it, and you certainly have to keep building on this story. The world wants more of this Dennis 🙂  I really liked it and it especially hit it’s stride once you toned down the Sci Fi techno terms from the first chapter. The humanness in it, the small touches and grounded everyday people, their little things, doings and feelings is what sold me. The swift action itself was made the stronger because of the moshy stuff, and vice versa, a very well balanced story – a little Game of Thrones’esque in that regard. Well, different times and writing of course, but part-brutal action has its well-deserved place in a good character-driven fictional story and I think you did that balancing act very well here. So now you just have to write a full-fledged book, or why not an entire universe since I am sure there is room for many books hidden in this short story.” –Michael Koontz, about All I Am…

“First, I’d say it was hot. Yet it is tastefully written with a warm sense of sensual resplendency. Shows that a book [story] of this sort, done with decorum, is of beauty.” –Patrick Connors, about CATCH & Release at Booktrack

“…loved the story…made me cry! Lol… You are a talented writer Dennis Lowery. So happy to get to read your work… Thank you for sharing :))” –Tracie Parker, about ‘Cause I Want… We All Want… Sweet Love

“So sweet and innocent. Just lovely.” –Nina Anthonijsz, about It’s a Wild World…

“Love this… it’s full of mystery and magic!” –Carita Bp., about “The Fairy Lights…”

“That was lovely!” –Janet M., about “The Fairy Lights…”

“Love this one. I love all your writing but u knew fairys are my soft spot.” –Sarah O., about “The Fairy Lights…”

From a reader who was moved by the beauty of an image from photographer Paul Howard and sent a link to it. She asked me what story it had to tell and I wrote “The Fairy Lights…” for her. She had this to say in reply: “It struck me deeply, indeed, just like your writing. I really felt the two needed to be fused. And look! The result is just how I imagined. Thank you so much Dennis Lowery. “ –Nina Anthonijsz

“One of my favorites.” 🙂 –Bobbie Z. about “The Candle…”

From Janet M. (click to enlarge the image so you can read), who suggested a picture to me that she thought, ‘held a story.’ So I wrote “The Ballerina in the Garden.”

“Lovely as always.” –Sarah O., about “CATCH and Release…”

“What a great read, over morning tea! Thanks!” –Susan Gabriel, about “The Ballerina in the Garden”

” Enjoyed your story and sentiment a lot.” –Michael Koontz, about “CATCH and Release…”

“For a lovely morning read, and to start the day feeling good!” –Nina A., about “The Ballerina in the Garden”

“Made me tear.” –Renee M., about “CATCH and Release…”

“Wonderful piece!” –Amy Dionne, about “CATCH and Release…”

“Oh what a beautiful story. And what a wonderful dad you are. I think I’ll remember this every time I’m holding on to a grump… and that can be often. Smiling now. Thank you. :)” –Bobbie Z., about, Finding the Light in Her Smile

“This is lovely” –Dawn Hart Jackson, about “CATCH and Release…”

“I’m lying in my own dark morning awaiting dawn with tears running freely. Such a timely word. A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” –Cilla C., about, Finding the Light in Her Smile

“Great moments are such as these. Marvelous, Dennis.” –Drew Istre, about, Finding the Light in Her Smile

“Love Love Love!” –T. Dragonn, about “CATCH and Release…”

“Sigh… loved it!” –Rebecca S. Fowler-Evoniuk, about, In the Morning a Scent of… Citrus

“Thanks, Dennis. I needed that!” –Bobbie Z., about, In the Morning a Scent of… Citrus

“Just… Just… Gosh, I love the way you do this.” –Nina A., about, In the Morning a Scent of… Citrus

“I enjoyed reading this. It’s great.” –Vera Athans, about, In the Morning a Scent of… Citrus

“Perfection.. Both the written words and the hope.” –Sarah O., about, In the Morning a Scent of… Citrus

“Wow!!! What a wonderful story.” –Mike Trani, about, In the Morning a Scent of… Citrus

“Such a perfect story for such a mighty trouble 🙂 Well put and handled Dennis, and so true what you Said/Think. Daddy of the year award for this one.” –Michael Koontz, about The Mighty Struggle…

“I love how inspiring you are to your kids and all of us with these stories.” –Sarah O., about The Mighty Struggle…

“Loved this…” –B. Ambrose, about The Mighty Struggle…

“I found my second dad, hehehe! Thanks a lot! Kisses from sunny Croatia.” –Irena Udovičić,  about The Mighty Struggle…

“Oh Dennis, that is beautiful…” –Nina Anthonijsz, about To Find Her… in Time…

“Sigh… –Bobbie Z., about To Find Her… in Time…

“What’s great about this is you can close your eyes and be there. Hell, I didn’t even have to close my eyes.” –Mike Trani, about To Find Her… in Time...

“This story thrilled me! Can only imagine how the girls slowly turned to listen to it.” –Carita B, about Just like the song… she haunted our dreams…

“This was so awesome to read, thank you, Dennis Lowery. :-))” –Rebecca S. Fowler-Evoniuk, about Just like the song… she haunted our dreams…

“Lol, I’m hooked; stopped drinking my coffee!” –Susan Gabriel, about Just like the song… she haunted our dreams…

“Fantastic! You had me going until the very end, lol.” –Sarah O., about Just like the song… she haunted our dreams…

“Oh damn you are GOOD AND SO BAD! I love it!” –Nina A., about Just like the song… she haunted our dreams…

[From a reader in Amsterdam:] “As of yesterday, the proud owner of a Dennis Lowery Original T-shirt… [with a quote from some of my writing]

“A flash horror fiction for you to read in about two minutes. You may shudder for longer.” –Jyoti Dahiya, about Found… & Lost…

More comments about The Knocking Dead…

“Excellent read! Uncannily true…” –B. Ambrose

“Tears from laughing!” –Nina A.

“Omg hahaha I love this!” –Angelica Clark

“Bahahahaha!” –Dan Radice

“Rofl!! One word, Hilarious!” –Jean Wader

“Truly enjoyed it, Dennis.” –Denis Labelle ab0ut Ask for the Dance…

“A legacy of words, your thoughts, dreams, woven wisdom penned. This is special, Dennis. So much heart in this… I love it.” –Cilla C. about Just Outside… My Door

“Great read Dennis!  ‘And chances are you will fail—at many things—if you’re trying to live a life of purpose and meaning to yourself.’ And some very sage advice.” –GP about Ask for the Dance…

“Dear Dennis, I love the way you describe the environment. It brings me in and makes me feel as a reader that I’m there with you figuring it together. I also love your sense of humor! I was wondering where it was leading to as the end of the story was coming and then – great ending!” –Galit Breman, [commenting about Curiosity… can be dangerous…]

This is always good to hear from readers because it means I’m doing what I set out to do. Touch the reader, make them feel what I’ve written without burying them in stuffy, stilted, crappy writing.

Comments on excerpt from a scene in an upcoming novel...

“Dennis, your stories are excellent to use for teaching moments. Very intriguing, well-crafted, challenging, yet clearly answers the situation. I am going to use these stories for my great-nieces, -nephews.  I just love stories which are a great way to make specific points or good for teaching moments. Former Secretary of VA, Eric K. Shinseki was a wonderful storyteller and it made a difference in how he related to people, especially veterans.” –Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris, Major General, USAF (Ret), commenting via email on The Mighty Struggle… and The Things We Carry… two stories I wrote to illustrate something for my daughters… and others, too.

“I love this story!” –Jenn R, about Ask for the Dance…

“…stories that wrap you in them, is an accurate description of your work.” – Pietro Montevecchio [Commenting on Just Outside… My Door]

A request from one of my readers about a quote excerpted from my story, Union Station… “Dennis, is there any way that I could get this on a tee-shirt? I love it so very much. I think I have read it at least 100 times since you shared it.” —D [name withheld because I’m about to post the picture she sent wearing the shirt she received — with her permission.]

My reply: “That is so sweet of you and thank you for the compliment! You can get this on a T-shirt… here’s a link to order one.

Fan feedback is great… especially when they send you a picture wearing a t-shirt with an excerpt and quote from a story you’ve written. I just received this: “Dennis, look what already arrived in my mailbox! I love it! I am thinking about ordering another for my best friend. She loves this one.”

“Loved the story!  Made my heart go pitter-patter. It reminded me of the time…  Also love Supernatural, especially the Winchesters… yummy.” – B. Ambrose [Commenting  on The Boy Who Got Away…]

“You master duality, Dennis.” – Lena Kindo-Kamaro [Commenting  on my writing and new story development]

“Great read Dennis! Loved this line: ‘And chances are you will fail—at many things—if you’re trying to live a life of purpose and meaning to yourself.’ Some very sage advice.” –Gnotic P. [, about Ask for the Dance…]

“Maybe I’ve never written it to you, but you’ve got an incredible sense of rhythm Dennis. I’m so sensitive to it, as any musician should be, and it’s a great talent you master in such a consummate way.” –Pietro Montevecchio

“You paint characters so well, Dennis Lowery. And with so few words, too.” – Vicki Tyley, Bestselling author of five mystery/suspense novels, about Leaving Taos

“Outstanding!” – Frederick Andrew [Commenting  on The Boy Who Got Away…]

“Great Story!! I love reading… especially horror, scary, exciting, books… love love stories too… thanks for your gift.” –Shawn Potter, about The Ladies of the Pain

“I must applaud you. You have a real knack at captivating the reader immediately at the outset.” –Jim Zumwalt [Commenting via email on the excerpt/story idea for The Dragonthorn…]

“This was a proper way to start my day.” – Dawn Hart Jackson [Commenting  on The Moon Over Water…]

“Sometimes I Sits And Thinks And Sometimes I Just Sits And Thinks … this read is better than coffee.” – B. Ambrose [Commenting  on Legs & Lace…]

“I like all your stories.  It’s said the mark of a good writer is to have the ability to not only describe the rain but to actually make the reader feel it is raining. Dennis Lowery, I think you accomplished that…” – B. Ambrose

“This has touched my heart…” –Vickie Farnsley [via LinkedIn’s Pulse, on Ask for the Dance…]

“Thanks, this is really interesting. Beautiful descriptive prose.” –Doug [commenting via Facebook message on Union Station…] Douglas Preston is the New York Times best-selling author of 26 novels and several nonfiction books on history, science, exploration and true crime.

“Great story!” –Dirk Hooper [via LinkedIn’s Pulse, on Ask for the Dance…]

“Sexy and humorous writing, I like your style!” –Trudy Grossman [Commenting  on A Good Morning…]

“I like this… it’s amazing.” –Merchi Sananes [Commenting  on When the magic happens…]

“Love it; the imagery is fitting!” –Martha Rodgriguez [Commenting  on A Good Morning…]

“I love this story…” –Lisa Rose [Commenting  on When the magic happens…]

“You are a tease! :-)” –Hazel Payne [Commenting  on A Good Morning…]

“Too good not to share. Thanks Dennis.” –Marcie Keithley [Commenting at Facebook on When the magic happens…]

[A comment in reply to Trudy Grossman’s further below about this story] “I know!  I was bawling when I read this the first time. Dennis Lowery can play my emotions like a music instrument. Well not only mine obviously, but you know what I mean.” –Nina Anthonijsz [Commenting  on The Bench…]

“This is outstanding; your story and this capture [cover picture]…” –Beth Baker [Commenting  on The Watergirl…]

“Wow, this is really good…” –Roxy May [Commenting  on The Watergirl…]

“Beautiful cover, insightful prose.” –Trudy Grossman [Commenting  on The Watergirl…]

“Ooooooh… scary and suspenseful. I like it.” –Vicki Tyley, Bestselling author of five mystery/suspense novels [Commenting  on Toward a Blood Red Sky…]

“WOW. Yep it’s good!” –Wendi Brown [Commenting  on Toward a Blood Red Sky…]

“This made me cry. Very poignant!  You describe human nature so well.” –Trudy Grossman [Commenting  on The Bench…]

“Dennis, know what I love most about your work? How you describe images. With exactly the right words, never too few, never too many. You paint such clear pictures with your words, it’s like I am there and I see and feel it for myself. How many times have I not hurled a book across the room , out of frustration, because the descriptions were tedious and never ending and made me scream in my head:”who cares!?’?” Or I just was not able to connect to any character in the story for lack of detail. You, my friend, are juuuust right.” –Nina Anthonijsz [commenting ]

“Dennis: I just finished reading your piece titled “Union Station…” As usual, it was extremely well written. I, as I am sure was true for most readers, felt your detailed descriptions enabled me to picture a scene in my mind as if I was actually watching a movie! You very effectively kept the reader on seat’s edge in the final pages of the story, wondering how everything would play out. And the ending with – DELETED SPOILER PART OF THE COMMMENT- was an absolutely brilliant touch on how to bring the whole story to closure.” –Jim Zumwalt (James G. Zumwalt is the international bestselling author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields, The Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking. [Commenting via email on Union Station…]

“Perfection…” –Michelle C. [commenting  on The Lady Can Coach…]

“BOOM!” –Tony Payson [commenting  on The Lady Can Coach…]

“What a lovely story. And recognizable too. My mom shared with me her favorite childhood books, when I was about 12. Thanks for bringing those moments back to my memory.” –Nina  Anthonijsz [commenting on A Small Book of Big Memories…]

“I am so motivated after reading this… It always gives me great pleasure to read your posts.” –Bernice Joe [Commenting  on The Child Inside…]

“Thanks for writing my story, Dennis. Well, it would be with a few minor changes (smile). “I would not choose to erase the past.” I so agree. The past is part of us.” –Vicki Tyley, Bestselling author of five mystery/suspense novels [Commenting  on The Child Inside…]

“Great story!” –Peter Noah Thomas [commenting  on The Boy… Who Got Away]

“Perfection…” –Lena Kindo-Kamara [commenting  on The Smile… waitin’ in the kitchen…]

“This was really enjoyable, and I agree with the others – a great soundtrack… it was a great story with a strong atmosphere!” –Emily MacGowan [commenting at Booktrack on The House in the Woods…]

“Love it!!!” –Kim O’Brien [Commenting at Facebook on Union Station…]

“Well that story just gave me a lovely chill up the back of my neck. Haha. Perfect…” –Gnotic P. [Commenting  on the Story behind the story of The Ladies of the Pain…]

“Vivid and sensuous storytelling, Dennis.” –Vicki Tyley, Best Selling author of five mystery/suspense novels [Commenting  on Union Station…]

“It’s amazing how you managed to find the perfect music and ambiance to accompany your vivid imagery. The description of the scarf was exceptionally powerful. Looking forward to read more from you here!” –Courtney C. [Commenting at Booktrack on The Tide Buried Bones…]

“You really are gifted, Dennis. This is a touching piece.” –Jim Zumwalt (James G. Zumwalt is the international bestselling author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s BattlefieldsThe Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking. [Commenting via email on The Bench…]

“Great story! And amazing use of the sound effects. Really brought the whole story to life!” –Leigh [Commenting at Booktrack on The Tide Buried Bones…]

“A whole new concept of reading! Love it!” –Susan Gabriel [Commenting at Booktrack on The Tide Buried Bones…]

“I didn’t read this story I saw it! Felt like I was watching a movie cause I was so absorbed by it. Perfect.” –Chazz Hill-Hayr [Commenting at Booktrack on The Tide Buried Bones…]

“Great job, this is a great story and the soundtrack is fantastic. I felt like I was there!” –Craig Wilson [Commenting at Booktrack on The Tide Buried Bones…]

“DAMN, that was good!” –Nina  Anthonijsz [commenting  on The Boy… Who Got Away]

“Nice….thanks!” –Bob Wardell [commenting  on The Smile… waitin’ in the kitchen…]

“A beautiful way start to my day… I do indeed love your stories in the morning. Thank You Dennis Lowery.” –B. Ambrose [commenting  on The Smile… waitin’ in the kitchen…]

“Just finished reading Union Station, Dennis. For a short story it packs quite a punch. The characters are well developed and believable.. Just wished it could have gone on a little longer. Thank you for sharing.” –Hazel Payne [Commenting  on Union Station… a 7,463 word short story]

“I love this Dennis… its touching.” –Rebecca Weilersbacher [via Facebook on The Smile… waitin’ in the kitchen…]

“I like this Dennis Lowery; a story you can give your own ending.” –Hazel Payne [commenting  on The Smile… waitin’ in the kitchen…]

“Oooohhh.. beautiful emotion!” –Susan Gabriel [Commenting  on Leaves, Vanilla and Cinnamon…]

“I love how the sound effects and music build up to the transformation. Good job! ” –Michelle Zeng [commenting at Booktrack on The First Werewolf…]

“Love this story! Amazing descriptions and use of sounds! ” –Leigh [commenting at Booktrack on Dance of Fireflies…]

“Love the cover and the visual imagery – reminds me of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Would love to read more! ” –Karen T. [commenting at Booktrack on The First Werewolf…]

“I just finished reading ‘Union Station.’ It was a great story and worth the wait! I read it on the site, then sent it to the Kindle, to read again. 🙂 The site works well. I like reading on the Kindle, too. Looking forward to ‘The Campfire…’! 🙂” –Pamela Trapani [Commenting  on Union Station…]

Great Read!!!  Love the cover too!” –Susan Gabriel [Commenting  on Toward the Light…]

“You did an excellent job with this one Dennis. I read it from a to b, and you really carved a complete story…” –Michael Koontz [Commenting  on Union Station…]

“Awesome!!!” –Susan Gabriel [Commenting  on Union Station…]

 I love this! Thank you for sharing.” –Dawn Hart Jackson [Commenting  on Union Station…]

“Best story to a song I ever read. Damn Dennis. You make girls fall in love writing this way!” –Nina Anthonijsz  [Commenting  on She Was Mighty…Mighty…]

“Badassery truth…  Thank you much for the words.” –Lory Case  [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“What a beautiful story, thank you…” –Lisa Marie  [Commenting  on She Was Mighty…Mighty…]

“Lovely, another morning smile courtesy of Dennis Lowery.” –Kira H. [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“This is beautiful! ” –Loretta G. [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“I loved this story!!!” –Michelle C.  [Commenting  on She Was Mighty…Mighty…]

“Really great piece of flash fiction! I love that you don’t need any introduction to really get into the story. Great use of sound effects, made me feel like I was right there watching!” –Lauren [commenting at Booktrack on The House in the Woods…]

“Lovely and sweet…” –Rennie Richard [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“Great story! And way to really use Booktrack to its full potential!” –Leigh Tschirgi [commenting at Booktrack on The House in the Woods…]

“I read it & love it.  Thanks, Dennis, it’s great!!!! Thanks again for a job well done. ” –Christine B. [Writing client/a memorial essay for her departed husband, via email.]

“Wow… I love this, Dennis.” –Roxy May [Commenting  on The Old Book… in the Iron Box]

“Thank you! I love to read… and this is a great cover!” –Susan Gabriel [Commenting  on The Old Book… in the Iron Box]

“I enjoy your writing, you have a lot of talent and fall into that circle of fascinating people I’ve met…” –Gnotic P. [Commenting ]

“Something I would never be able to put into words, you did right here. Thank you!” –Nina Anthonijsz  [Commenting  on Something more than a thread…]

“Wow, your stories sooo cool to read and on Friday the 13th, too!” –Roxy May [Commenting  on The First Werewolf…]

“Is there anything you don’t write well? I can’t wait to read the rest!” –Kira H. [Commenting  on A Lady of Smoke & Mist…]

“This is so good, Dennis!” –Kim O’Brien [Commenting at Facebook on Not All Believe In Honesty – But Everyone Understands Punishment…]

“Amazing story…” –Merchi Sananes [Commenting  on Half…]

“Beautiful.” –Leanne DeHope [Commenting at Facebook on Who we are…]

“Oh, wow… wonderfully written.” –Sylvia Sotuyo [Commenting at Facebook on Rebirth Beach…]

“Love this…” –Ilyanna Kreske [Commenting  on Half…]

“This is wonderful Dennis Thank you for your awesome stories.. they are wonderful and inspiring!” –Sherry Thompson [Commenting  on Half…]

“Lovely and sweet.” –Rennie Richard [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“This is beautiful! ” –Loretta G. [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“Love this!” –Michelle C. [Commenting  on Who we are…]

“Awesome in many many different ways. Parenting done the right way. Short story written the right way. Teaching done the right way. And also simply a lovely read filled with smiles, giggles, agreeing nods of the head, words to sing out loud, wise words, things to ponder on, to learn from, and to remember. All of that by Dennis Lowery.” –Nina Anthonijsz [Commenting  on The Sign of Fools & Sages…]

“What a wonderful thing to wake up to, Dennis Lowery. Thanks for this glimpse into your world. I love how the music helps us tell our tales…wisdom in those lyrics, indeed.” –Bobbie T. [Commenting  on The Sign of Fools & Sages…]

“Wonderful words, Sage.” –Cilla C. [Commenting  on The Sign of Fools & Sages…]

“Those are wonderful words to say to your daughters, Dennis Lowery.” –Roxy May [Commenting  on The Sign of Fools & Sages…]

“Love this…” –Kawthar A. [Commenting  on The Sign of Fools & Sages…]

“Great read, Dennis Lowery and adulting. And yes – I would officially like to hear you sing ‘Ball of Confusion’ Make it happen.” –Michael Koontz [Commenting  on The Sign of Fools & Sages…]

“Now that’s good reading, Dennis Lowery.” –Sherry Thompson [Commenting  on Leaving Taos…]

“Excellent. Loved the twist.” –Vicki Tyley, Best Selling author of five mystery/suspense novels [Commenting  on Leaving Taos…]

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AMAZON REVIEW of Haunting Stories of… Love, Revenge and Retribution Vol. 1: “Great book for a book club discussion!”

“I received my book today…whoop whoop:) Soo, no more studying…I am going to light my candles, pour a glass of wine, and read my book from my favorite author:) Thank you for everything.” –Bernice Joe [Commenting  on receiving her signed copy of Haunting Stories of Love, Revenge, and Retribution Vol 1.]

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Mr Postman delivered a signed edition of Dennis Lowery’s Love, Revenge, And Retribution to my box today; A much better parcel than my usual bills!” –Eric Johnson [Commenting  on receiving his signed copy of Haunting Stories of Love, Revenge, and Retribution Vol 1.]

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TWO MORE AMAZON REVIEWS of Haunting Stories of… Love, Revenge and Retribution Vol. 1: “They end too soon!” and “Grab a cup of tea and get cozy!”

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AMAZON REVIEW of Haunting Stories of… Love, Revenge and Retribution Vol. 1: “Not for the faint-hearted…”

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“Not always possible, but today I took the time to translate and read you … I loved it! Congratulations for that sense of belonging, for your family and your trees, to build a life in which you feel full. I like red maples 😉 They are warm and beautiful. Happy Friday! No siempre me es posible, pero hoy me tomé el tiempo de traducir y leerte…Me encantó! Felicidades por ese sentimiento de arraigo, por tu familia y tus árboles, por construir una vida en la que te sientes pleno. Me gustan los arces rojos 😉 Son cálidos y hermosos. Feliz viernes!” –Elsa Bornay Delgado in Madrid [Commenting  on Home Trees…]

“I love this Dennis, I have planted trees in my children’s honour too and even though we have left that house, I return to marvel at their growth. We can do this, we can make a difference” –Paul Stickland in England [Commenting  on Home Trees…]

“Very nice!” –Irena Udovičić in Croatia [Commenting  on Home Trees…]

“Your books are wonderful to read.” –D. Denman [Commenting ]

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“Awesome! Thank you. They work perfectly together, draws you in, keeps you there; one of the secrets to good writing and illustrations. A+” –Anna Sasin [Commenting  on the flashfiction/story idea for The roots reach…]

“Tragic and vengeful all at the same time… lovely.” –Sarah Odendahl [Commenting  on the flashfiction/story idea for The roots reach…]

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“Ohhhh!! Love your writing! It is perfect for that photo. Do you have more writing somewhere? I like the way you write!” –Michael Taggert [Commenting  on the flashfiction/story idea for The roots reach…]

“Thank you. Very nice how you are able to write a story based on a picture that makes sense and has a lot of meaning and truth in it..” –Claude Anderson, about Half

“Fantastic!” –Sylvia Sotuyo [Commenting  on the flashfiction/story idea for The roots reach…]

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Note: The short piece The House in the Woods became the opening chapter to my novella BLINDED:

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“I really enjoyed the Toward a Blood Red Sky excerpt. It’s the menacing undertow that really grabs me. So much more powerful than graphic horror, I think. I don’t give praise lightly, so please know that when I do it’s sincere. I think it’s the small details in your writing that bring your stories to life – that keen sense of observation you imbue your prose with. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks that.” –Vicki Tyley (Best Selling author), Australia [Commenting via email.]

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“You provided some much-needed encouragement today – to continue on our journey to create a forum for the people to speak up for peace.” –Susan Kay Thompson [Commenting via email on The Child… inside]

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Forbidden fruit! Out of order, younger, higher ranked, classic break up…all the makings for a steamy moment. –Lena Kindo-Kamara [Commenting  on The Love Affair]

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“Awesome read, Dennis Lowery.” –PA [commenting on Simple Worth ]

“Loved this, Dennis. And hopefully, all of us have been some kind of good hearted super hero during our lifetime. 🙂”  –Michael Koontz [Commenting  on I liked Captain America but… I was Iron Man]

“Made my morning…Thank you, Dennis Lowery!”  –Lena Kindo-Kamara [Commenting  on I liked Captain America but… I was Iron Man]

“Great way to start the day with a chuckle!” –Jim Zumwalt [commenting on Cruel Fate]

“Thank you so much for sharing Dennis Lowery and for all you have said!! This is all so very true my friend! You have an amazing gift with words!!” 🙂 –Sherry Thompson [Commenting  on the rough draft of The Child… inside]

“I like this a lot. I like how everything in his world was “Half” and how even though the shop where he worked was half sized, they were viewed by him as painted hopeful. Even the observation of the coming & going of people were perceived as half-hearted. To me, the walls are symbolic because of his perception of them. As if he compared everything to them. I’d like to even say that these very walls were the ones he created in his mind, thoughts that reflect something more wholesome. I think your story matches the image quite well.  I think he realizes that the half way street might only seem half way. I believe that the reality of the hopeful colored walls becomes clear to him, and he decides to no longer only live in his head, but instead convey those thoughts into action…..& the journey begins. Nice read my friend. I hope my own interpretation wasn’t too much or lengthy. Thank you. CD [Commenting  on  Half…]

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