TIMMY by Dennis Lowery
In Progress
He wasn't my little Timmy anymore... by Dennis Lowery
The image that prompted the story.
Early morning — 5:22 AM (according to the time stamp on my file) — October 29, 2015, while drinking my coffee I came across a public domain picture that begged to have a scene for Halloween written about it. And I thought what if Realtors tried to sell a house, only to learn the house is still ‘occupied’ and they won’t leave? I wrote the first piece in about 15 minutes and used that image as a cover. Almost a year later, on October 20, 2016, I revisited it — again with my morning coffee — and wrote the second part. In October 2017 and 2018, I added more to the story. The installment for 2019 has been added and the story has grown to become: The Voorteken Entity

DISCLAIMER: No cats, small boys or Realtors were harmed in the writing of this story.

“Fan~tas~tic… that was scary!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“Jeeeeeeesus! Eeeek!! That name alone is so wrong already! Appreciate the disclaimer… And one more thing: the way you described the way she took a deep breath… Masterful.” –Nina A.

“Just purrfect…, Dennis.” –Hazel Payne

“Luv’d this.” –Liz S.

“Creepy. And fun.” –Alvin Stearns

“Love this… spooky good. I knew I’d be Halloween pleased stopping by to read. So glad I did!” 🙂 –Margie Casados

“Yikes!” –Susan Gabriel

“Oh wow!!! This is really exciting stuff, Dennis. I will sleep with one eye open tonight after reading this.” –Sylvia Sotuyo


The Voorteken Entity - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery