Through a Lens of Dark & Light

Through a Lens of Dark and Light... A Novella by Dennis Lowery


“All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.”

The combined stories will be included in an upcoming collection. Please contact me to be added to the ‘watch list’ for that publication.

Two letters from dead women…
A camera from a dead man…

That’s what Robert Sterling, a once-renowned photojournalist, had to guide him; to help him redeem and resurrect his life from two years lost in a drunken downward spiral.

Was the young girl he could only see through the camera a ghost haunting him from a dead past or was she leading him towards a new future? Did she exist or was he going crazy just as his mother had forty years ago?

To find out, he had to go back to the small town he’d left nearly four decades years ago… a place he’d forgotten full of memories he’d buried. To where, when he was 18 years old, someone had tried to kill him for what he’d done. To where he found and lost his first love…

Some Reader Comments (many more found here)

“This grabbed me right away. Compelling… is it a ghost story!? [rhetorical question] Loved how the writing perspective changes between present and past. You tied up the loose ends beautifully. A great read.” –Debra D.

“Dammit Dennis Lowery !! Take my money already! This is good! my lunch break is over, but i don’t want to stop reading. I think by far this is the best work of yours I’ve read yet. I can tell a good story by the imagery it creates in my head. If it’s good, as I’m reading, I’m seeing the events unfold like a movie… and that’s exactly what’s happening here.. down to background details. Just finished… that was excellent and I’m extremely impressed. I was actually laughing to myself and called you an SOB for the twist at the end.. well done.” –Dan S.

“I love how the whole time I kept falling from one surprise into the next and how from beginning to end, the story kept building and building. The entire time, when you think, ok – this is it, another surprise is presented. Absolutely amazing until the last paragraph. And, I do have to mention this again.. Dennis.. The way you describe details.. I can’t tell you how special that is. Details that I think no one else would ever notice. You paint a picture with your words like no one else.” –Nina A.

“In a story combining the writing style of O’Henry with the suspense of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, Dennis Lowery takes the reader on a fast-paced journey about love lost and love regained. With a riveting story-line, the reader is left hanging at the end of each chapter, eagerly ready to jump into the next. Very well written!!!” -Jim Zumwalt via email (James G. Zumwalt is the author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields, The Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking.

“I have no negative comments to give. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it in one sitting which is unusual for me. It kept me interested.” –Mark

“Fantastic! Oh, this made me cry happy tears and had me riveted the entire time. I knew SPOILER PART REMOVED… I didn’t want to continue but I was compelled to finish even though I knew there was sadness mixed with joy. It makes me think that I should look at moments in my life differently.”-Kira H.

“A wonderful rich story full of every detail I could imagine. I particularly enjoyed the music references and flow between past & present. Well Done.” -Fay Handstock

“So well written… the detailed descriptions taps into all the senses… nostalgia at its best. You know you’ve tapped into something great when each frame changes, moving you forward, yet gives new meaning to a previous scene or event. It’s a re-read with several stories, and even in that there are the stories that each character could tell. I’m left wanting more!” -Lena Kindo-Kamara

The combined stories will be included in an upcoming collection. Please contact me to be added to the ‘watch list’ for that publication.