The Story Behind the Story | What the Wind Blew Away

What the Wind Blew Away - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

Good stories transport the reader and carry messages that resonate. They’re a compelling way to illustrate the arc of emotions we feel and maybe even come to grips with our own.

Creation in art, music, literature is often attributed to a muse. A familiar spirit that guides and maybe even sits on a shoulder. One day I looked at my oldest daughter’s wedding pictures again while burning a DVD (I know that’s so old school). One of her best friends, battling cancer and gutting it out though sick, was a bridesmaid. In the weeks following the wedding, she had setbacks. The cancer had spread. And we lost Ashley. She was a brave and bright soul. As I looked at pictures of Ashley at the wedding, I recalled how hard she hugged me after my toast to the new bride and groom… and thought about our loss. And how we heal. Ashley was on my shoulder as I wrote What the Wind Blew Away to explain how those we love—when they pass on—are never truly gone. The important part of them stays with us. Forever.


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