The Story Behind the Story | BORN DIFFERENT

The Tree - photo by Anna Lowry

One day on social media there was an exchange of comments about some recent stories I had shared and I mentioned that several of them had been written based on what I saw in a picture or image I had come across.

One of my followers, a professional photographer, sent me a photo (above) and asked: “Dennis, what can you come up with for this?”

It came to me quickly, and I shared the next day.

BORN DIFFERENT (2023) Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery
Flashfiction Scene

And I got these reader comments (you can read this little story here):

“So many powerful messages tucked into your lines. I’m sharing it.” –Cilla Cantrell

“Enjoyed reading this Dennis Lowery, ‘dare to be different’ as they say.” –Carolyn Mandache

“Loved it! Always looking for great authors.” –Rosalinda Huscher

“Beautiful! Reading it took me way back to the reading rug in Ms. Cannon’s classroom. Short stories are still making things better. Again, thank you.” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“Thank you for a wonderful story.” –Jim Nooney

“An author with so much heart. I truly love reading his creative writings and what he shares about his home life. He is really one awesome writer to follow. Thank you kindly, Dennis Lowery, for sharing this beautiful story.” –Margie Casados

“So so beautiful, Dennis Lowery. You have such a wonderful gift.” –Sherry Thompson

“I love it!” –Karen Hoyt

“My favorite. I feel this one every time that I read it.” –Dawn Hart Jackson

“This is magnificent. It speaks to me. A most significant tale, by the talented Dennis Lowery.” –Bobbie Today

“This is very beautiful. I enjoyed every sentence of it. Thank you, Dennis Lowery.” –Farkhanda Hayat