The Crossing

Lisa Jaeger sought the relief that just a few steps would bring her. One. Two. And then darkness forever. But when she unexpectedly regained consciousness, for a moment the man’s bright blue eyes looked inside her as if to show that everything would be okay. But would it? There comes a time when the dark side of a person is revealed and things don’t go as expected.

“I’m bound for the broken promise land. To meet my demons and get back my upper hand. Lawman can’t catch a soul like mine. Miracles are just too damn hard to find…” –Elle King, Ain’t Gonna Drown 

The combined stories will be included in an upcoming collection. Please contact me to be added to the ‘watch list’ for that publication.

Some reader comments…

“As I read, the story drew me in and the characters became real. Nice twist. Where does she go now…” –Amazon Review

“Delightfully unexpected! Delicious suspense in a short story that peeks beneath the surface, and exposes the depths of revenge. I devoured it in 25 minutes and read it a second time in one sitting.” –Bobbie T.

“OOOHH HELL YEAH!!!! Loved it. Awesome!!! Exciting, with unexpected twists and turns.—SPOILER PART OF COMMENT REMOVED — Thanks for this very satisfying story, Dennis, I really enjoyed it!” –Nina Anthonijsz 

“Oh man! You really got me with this one. Could not stop reading and had no clue about the twists and turns of the story.” –Susan Lewis 

“That’s good. But now I have to know about the white dress! I’m on the edge of my seat. Nice writing. Keep it up. I’m hooked” –Brenda Church 

“I just finished reading it. Love the twist..hehe…in the story. You always have the best surprises!?” –Debra Dayton

“Nicely done!” –Dan S. 

A Note from Dennis

Sometimes larger stories come together in parts.

One of my social media connections, a reader who enjoys my writing, posted an interesting photo of a bridge from a vacation trip. His friend, who also likes my writing, Debra, commented: “Dennis Lowery could probably write a story about it….”

Dan’s photo…

I’ve done that several times for people, taken a picture they sent me and then written a story based on what I see in it. So, I had to rise to the challenge.

Dan’s photo became: The Crossing, a 3,747-word short—suspense—story.

And that story led to another—Ball-Peen at 2,912 words—with the same character, Lisa Jaeger. And though a standalone story, it forms the prequel (Lisa’s origin) and sequel (after The Crossing) scenes that add more to her story arc.

The combined stories will be included in an upcoming collection. Please contact me to be added to the ‘watch list’ for that publication.

“To the ones that are waiting only for you. Come away, little lass. Come away to the water. Away from the life that you always knew. We are calling to you. Come away little light. Come away to the darkness.” –Glen Hansard

ADDUCENT Story Development
This short story is being considered for expansion into a novel: THE WHITE WIDOW