Events that Led to my Becoming a Writer (who actually makes a living from writing)

ADDUCENT - A Sampling of Clients

I became a writer in an unusual–unplanned for–way…

An entrepreneur since 1993 and working full-time in my business investments since 1/2/1996, in 2000, I founded Adducent as a management and consulting firm.

Over the next eight years, I worked with M&A attorneys, investment bankers & business owners on management, planning, and growth through acquisition. That led to business writing, which led to a book which then led to my contacts asking for help to finish and publish their books. I did, and then others asked for similar support and to ghostwrite their book. This unplanned for sideline grew to supplant my consulting (and became more fun).

In 2009, it became my company’s focus. Since then we’ve assisted dozens of clients with their writing and helped publish over 70 titles for a spectrum of successful people: generals, admirals, military veterans, senators, executives, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, chairmen of multi-billion-dollar companies, doctors, artists, lawyers, university professors, and CIA officers. And I’ve written a lot of nonfiction and fiction. As of December 2019, over two million words worth (30 books ghostwritten for clients: 12 nonfiction, 9 memoirs, and 9 fiction). Two projects for clients (creative nonfiction and a novel) have been optioned for screenplay development.

Twenty years is a milestone, and I’m looking forward to what we’ll do in our third decade.