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Contact me to follow updates to my writing–news and new stories–or become an Advance Reader (or do both)! Advance Readers receive an invitation to read my work before it is published. Their feedback can play a role in the story’s final development for publication.

Much of my writing is RATED G, PG-13. Many have found it inspirational… uplifting… with even some wisdom worked in. But I also write things that startle, titillate, and even frighten. Some of my writing—mostly fiction—uses profanity, can include violence (some graphic), and can be risqué. But not gratuitously vulgar or violent and I try to make sure that writing is labeled RATED MA. I have a quirky–often dry–sense of humor that comes out in some of my writing. And sometimes my writing (both fiction and nonfiction) has profound qualities… but is not too highbrow. I’m a simple man. To steal from Rudyard Kipling’s IFI can talk with crowds and keep my virtue and walk with kings… nor lose the common touch.