I will add the story content for most of these as a Free Read for my subscribers. For now, I’m adding the cover images (below) and the stories can be requested–by the title–if someone’s interested to read.

About the story cover captions (or lack of) located on the image at the bottom:

No caption means completed and available to request to read. In Progress means it’s in the draft stage and has chapters available for Advance Readers. Flashfiction means a completed scene/mini-story; some may be marked for expanded development. In Development means the story has been plotted and outlined to prepare for future drafting. In the Idea Book means just that: I have the premise of a story idea and have taken it to where I have a vision/visual of what it could become. Some of these come to fruition as completed stories; some may not. (JOKE) means my sense of humor got triggered by something, and I mocked up a story title and cover (and who knows, I might end up writing the story if the idea shapes up).