Father & Daughter

Moments we should appreciate...


Above is the picture that prompted the following bit of writing. As the father of four daughters, it made me think of all the moments with my girls when they were young. How I felt when watching them swing and what I learned.

Her father watched as she swung, hair flying and feet stretching out to touch the sky and curling back for the return to earth. Shoe-less and carefree, she celebrated the present… the feel of the swing and the pure joy of the moment. Not looking back. Not looking ahead. Just the right now of being with someone she loved that she knew loved her.

“Daddy, look at me!” she called, her smile showing the dimples and first blossoming of the beauty she’d inherited from her mother. He smiled back and felt his heart swell and ache with love for them: mother and daughter. Not then, but later on, he realized this time with his girl, the interlude in an often too hurried world, was something he would hold close in his heart for the rest of his life. No worries. No timetable. No work brought home or chores. Just a father watching his daughter, swinging over their world, on a bright spring day.