Cry For Jerusalem

A series update and the latest review comments published in Historical Novels Review Issue 91 February 2020.

The opening description from a recent review: The first in a four-novel series introduces readers to four unlikely friends brought together by a life-threatening accident at sea. A Roman centurion, an auxiliary soldier, a wealthy and soon-to-be-married noble lady, and a Jewish scholar form a bond of friendship that could save Jerusalem from the greed of their Roman overlords. But can they stop a war before it’s too late?

To turn nearly 2,000-year-old history into a saga spanning four books is a challenge in researching, planning, plotting and outlining. Working with our client to turn millennia-old writing and documented accounts of the period into dramatic scenes that stick to history and bring it to life is complex. There’s the unknown you bridge that requires crafting plausible details for the actions of the main (historical) and supporting characters (you must invent) and their circumstances to drive the narrative and create compelling dialog, settings, and scenes that fill in gaps and connect the historical events.

Characters are the heart of good storytelling. Making them so engaging the reader cares what happens to the ‘heroes’ and looks forward to the downfall of the ‘villains.’ Humans throughout history have been driven by the same basic emotions, needs, and seven cardinal sins we experience today. And that’s how we’ve approached character and story development—while adhering to documented history—in this series to make the characters ‘real’ to the reader.


We’re on the right track and received another great review for Book 1: an excellent write up in Historical Novels Review, Issue 91, February 2020. The video below incorporates their comments.

Book 2 is nearing completion and will publish Summer 2020. Books 3 and 4 have been roughly outlined, and detailed plotting/scene list planning starts for Book 3 in April to begin writing in May.