Friday, September 22, 2023
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Flashfiction: Short stories usually under 2,000 words. Quick reads over coffee (or another favorite beverage). Though they might make you think about them for longer . . .

Flashfiction by Dennis Lowery

Father & Daughter

LEAVING TAOS - Flashfiction from Dennis Lowery


The photo that inspired THE WATER GIRL

The Water Girl

THANKS GIVEN (commented) - Short Holiday Fiction by Dennis Lowery


Fiametta Rosso from MIDNIGHT DANCE by Dennis Lowery

The Amber of the Moment

THE FIRST WEREWOLF (2022 cover) - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

The First Werewolf

Like The Song…

THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT HER (flashfiction scene) Jayne Saisquoi With Dennis Lowery

There Was Something About Her

THE WRONG MAN - Story In Development at Adducent

The Wrong Man

The Boy Who Got Away