Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Flashfiction: Short stories usually under 2,000 words. Quick reads over coffee (or another favorite beverage). Though they might make you think about them for longer . . .

Flashfiction by Dennis Lowery

THE SONG ON THE WIND Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

The Song On the Wind

THANKS GIVEN (commented) - Short Holiday Fiction by Dennis Lowery


Fiametta Rosso from MIDNIGHT DANCE by Dennis Lowery

The Amber of the Moment

Alt Cover WATCHER IN THE WINDOW - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

Watcher in the Window

The Original Cover for The First Werewolf by Dennis Lowery

The First Werewolf

Like the Song She Haunted Our Dreams -- An Alpha & Beta Story by Dennis Lowery

Like The Song…

THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT HER (flashfiction scene) Jayne Saisquoi With Dennis Lowery

There Was Something About Her

THE WRONG MAN - Story In Development at Adducent

The Wrong Man