About Me


I am a fiction and nonfiction writer, author, ghostwriter, and veteran of the United States Navy (a former Operations Specialist). My stories span multiple genres.

It's not what I say about my writing... it's what they--the readers--say.

I’ve written a lot of nonfiction and fiction since 2008. As of December 2019, over two million words worth (includes 30 books ghostwritten for clients: 12 nonfiction, 9 memoirs, and 9 fiction). And I’ve had two book-ghostwriting projects for clients—a creative nonfiction book and a novel—optioned for film or screenplay development.

In 2020, I’ll complete two books (a novel and a nonfiction business fable started in 2019) by early spring and start on a third (a novel, book three of a four-book series) for clients. I also will complete Book One of my Blackthorn trilogy.

NOTE: Much of my writing is RATED G, PG-13. Many have found it inspirational… uplifting… with even some wisdom worked in. But I also write things that startle, titillate, and even scare. Some—mostly fiction—use profanity, can include violence (some graphic), and can be risqué (I try to make sure it is labeled RATED MA) but never vulgar. I have a quirky–often dry–sense of humor that comes out in some of my writing. And sometimes my writing (both fiction and nonfiction) has profound qualities… but is not too highbrow. I’m a simple man. To steal from Rudyard Kipling’s IFI can talk with crowds and keep my virtue and walk with kings… nor lose the common touch.


My Story

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1993. Full-time since 1996 when I resigned from my management position in a company that had grown from $3 million in revenue to $700 million when I left (they’re at $3B now). Post-departure, divesting other businesses owned with partners, I founded my company, Adducent in 2000 as a management and consulting firm. For over eight years I worked with M&A attorneys, investment bankers and business owners on management, planning, and growth through acquisition. That led to business writing, which led to a book which then led to my contacts asking for help to finish and publish their books. I did and then others asked for similar help and if I could write or ghostwrite their book. This unplanned for sideline grew to supplant my consulting work (and became more fun). In 2009 it became my company’s full-time focus.

ADDUCENT - A Sampling of Clients