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DRAENEN stone headpiece over entrance

It started with a social media noir’ish photo of a man’s shadow on concrete. My first thought–which I posted as a comment on the photo–was all men, whether good or bad, cast shadows. What if you could see something within their shadow that revealed their true nature? And see who/what they really are inside. The response was, “Dennis you have to write something about that!” So, I did… and the initial novella is growing into a trilogy.

Here’s Book One’s story summary:

Brandon has one year to break the centuries-old Draenen family curse before it becomes permanent. None of his ancestors have been able to… and if he can’t, he’ll wish he was dead. But by then he won’t—can’t—die. Those he loves will.

THE COMPANY OF MASTERS is Book One in the trilogy. A contemporary story but partly set in the 16th century to establish the foundation and story-universe details (the roots of the family curse and how that’s not the worst of what Brandon discovers about his family and legacy). I’m 49,841 words into the story—about two-thirds—and my primary beta reader (a professional proofreader) told me this about what she’d read so far (more comments from other advance readers further below):

“Character-driven and atmospheric adult fiction that blends history and legend with the tension and intricacies of contemporary society and events. Compelling and complex characters. Thoughtful, evocative and page-turning; a story well-told.”

Cover Concept

Here are a few of the comments about the covers recently revealed and from readers of Book One’s progress (who reviewed under its working title):

“What an almighty talent you have, Dennis Lowery! It’s got me hooked, the descriptions and analogies of the characters create wonderful pictures in my imagination.. dark, gritty and emotive.”–Fay Handstock, UK

“I second what Fay Handstock said. Dennis Lowery, you write insightfully.”–Vicki Tyley, Australia, bestselling author

“You’re a stud!” – Raul Interiano

“OMG, Dennis!” – Tamara Copeland

“I read this and think Dennis Lowery is one of the best writers out there. The book is mysterious, intriguing, comical, and it’s a page-turner. I just couldn’t get enough. You won’t be able to put it down. I’ve read other books by Dennis, and they are all worth the time to read… I want more from this author, much more. Can’t wait. What an imagination and great characters… I will buy more of his books, that is definite.”–Yolanda Ocasio

“I love the idea, and I love the covers!” – Galit Breman

“Looks pretty sharp!” – Jim Zumwalt

“Just finished reading part two. I loved it, again you left me wanting more. What a great imagination, you are so talented. I was disappointed when that part ended, and I would have to wait until you share the next part. How soon will part three be released? You have become one of my favorite writers. Congratulations, you are so talented. Anxiously waiting for part three.”–Yolanda Ocasio

“Excellent stuff, Dennis Lowery. Tight, tense, and evocative. A couple of my favorite phrases: ‘He fell on his ass with his shadow squirming behind him in the early spring sun.’ And… ‘I could feel the menace in her voice. It came out of my phone’s little speaker, but it was like standing in front of one of those industrial freezers down at the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx.’ That made me smile.”–Vicki Tyley, Australia, bestselling author

“‘This is Bernice Joe, and I approve this book’ hahaha, I just couldn’t resist saying that! I just read part one… I really enjoyed it…Thank you.”–Bernice Joe

“OMG!!! Dennis Lowery part two is SUPER SUPER GOOD! I’m so angry at you right now. How can you end the part like that! I’m just so involved… when I realized I was at the end… I almost PASSED OUT!!! The whole park scene was amazing, from beginning to end. Brandon thought he was helping Walt, but realized he needs him just as much. Sometimes you think you meet a person for one reason, but you find out it’s for another. I love the Lydia Cybelle character, although I don’t like her… but she’s strong. I like Bree… so sisterly… a person who uses silence like a weapon or to make a point… reminds me so much of myself. Although I’m so angry at you right now… thanks for keeping us updated about Sara… my heart went out for her. I just want you to know that I really enjoyed it!”–Bernice Joe

“This story is becoming very personal to me; it puts me in the moment. I feel as if I have developed a relationship not only with Brandon but each character. Each part gives me something to look forward to as the mystery unfolds… as I anxiously await… Don’t put restraints on your imagination, but let it run wild and free, keep writing… and writing… and writing… all the great stories that you do.”–Bernice Joe

“I just finished reading part one and letting it sink in a little bit. It has a lot of potential and is well written. I like the premise as well as the little glimpse we get of the people and the world and its history as well as in present day. A story well worth following to the end in my opinion. Can’t wait to read part two. I really liked the first one, and you know Dennis, I am also enjoying the way you are sharing this book.”–Michael Koontz, Sweden

“I really enjoyed part two. A story that is shaping up nicely and intriguingly as we go. I especially like the design/personalities of the main character(s) and the seemingly vast and rich background history behind the present time events that you are letting us see at this point in time. It feels like a story with a wide-open world waiting to unravel and not like running down a tight hallway. I’m already looking forward to reading more.” –Michael Koontz, Sweden

“I LOVE IT!”–Sherry Thompson

“I read this with pleasure, Dennis Lowery.”–Toma Eva, Italy

“Wow, I am reading it now… great stuff! You are indeed one talented author.”–Curtis Odom

“Funny and suspenseful! I want to read more.”–Steve Boggan

“It was an awesome read, for some reason a shiver runs down me… a tale with many twists. I love the way you used your words and took me into the scene.”–Patti A.

“Totally fascinating. The part that got to me was the woman and her shadow. I felt for her, wishing she could see more and live more. Not to give up. Her heart was broken… Love the whole concept of it. And it will be fascinating to see where this goes. I most definitely felt pulled into the story, and it is creatively brilliant. It makes you also think about the nature of people. And what we really do see and see not only with our eyes. Thank you for sharing.”–Margie Casados

“Wonderful read! Must reread and share!”–Mica Johnston

“This is so awesome!! I am so glad that you got this spark! It was wonderful!! I very much want to know when the next part is ready!”–Michele Messenger

“I like it, Dennis. Can hardly wait to read more.”–Mike Trani

“Great writing! I want more.”–Adam Lopez

“An excellent piece… very thought-provoking. I look forward to reading more.”–Greg Lusé

“I loved this, and I will be looking forward to more.”–Kathy Rosson

“Very original and fast-paced. Loved it and really want the next installment like… now!”

“I enjoyed it so much that I read it twice.”

“Dark, tense, and evocative.”

“A must-read…”


DAMNATION - A Chapter 1 Draft from Adducent and Dennis Lowery
DEATH DANCES to the Cry of Ravens - The Path No One Goes - A Chapter Draft from Adducent and Dennis Lowery
The Path No One Goes - A Chapter Draft from Adducent and Dennis Lowery

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Book Two | The College of Shadows (Cover Concept)

02 THE COLLEGE OF SHADOWS (Darkness Gathers)
In Development

Book Three | The Cry of Dragons (Cover Concept)

03 THE CRY OF DRAGONS (Death Dances)
In Development