A Good Morning…

Flashfiction Scene

She hit him with her latest copy of Nature magazine. “Get up…!” She reached for her clothes beside the bed. She had 20 minutes to get to work.

He sat up and blearily looked at the cover while wondering where his underwear had got to. The lead article was ‘How to Create a Synthetic Organism.’ At first, it looked like it spelled O R G A S M. “That’s a good way to wake up.”


He leaned over and cupped her breast as she bent forward to put her socks on.

She slapped his hand. “Stop that…” His hand slid down. “Mmm mmm… ohhh.”

The other sock never made it on.

I have all those sick days, she thought. “Shh…” she told him as she dialed her office.

“Love it, the imagery is fitting!” –Martha Rodriquez

“Sexy and humorous writing, I like your style!” –Trudy Grossman

“Deep sigh…” –Nina A

“You are a tease!” 🙂 –Hazel Payne