A Clean Slate (new website) and a Question

But staying in touch–connecting–with engaged readers is important to me, and that’s what I hope to do.

Since 2009, I’ve written 30 books for clients (nonfiction and fiction)—add two more by the end of 2019—and my company has developed and published 75 titles (as of this writing). Over the years, my former personal website became intermingled with business-related posts and pages that tied into my ghostwriting, story and book development services company. When you’re busy, that can happen. But I did not want that to continue, so about a year ago I stopped updates on my personal site and redirected visitors to my company website. Necessary because my marketing and client prospect pipeline has a long tail and trail and I often get projects from people I first talked to years ago. I needed to clean-break transition them to following/staying informed on what I do by going to my company website. That has been a success and I’m at a point in life and writing career where I can take on fewer client projects and focus on my writing. I’ve done a lot since 2008; over 2,000,000 words-worth for clients.

And now I’m excited to re-start my personal website with a clean slate. 

I’m turning some of that productivity–and learning over the past ten years–toward my stories to write new ones and to further develop those that some of you have asked for more. I hope you’ll stay tuned and see what’s coming. And I hope you’ll be engaged enough to comment and reply to posts and stories from me. I love getting feedback, opinions, and reviews from readers.

I have a question for you:

What kind of content (stories) do you enjoy—or in the past have you enjoyed—from me? Please let me know via email reply (or here) or comments below.




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