A 1950s Melodrama…

Flashfiction Scene

Every Picture Tells a Story

Flashfiction by Dennis Lowery

“Ellen, it’s been months and I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”

She crumpled the used tissue tightly in her hand. “I know, I know… but…”

The psychiatrist took a drag from his cigarette and placed it back in the ashtray and wondered again about those rumblings from the Surgeon General on the hazard to your health. Focused back on Ellen, he leaned forward and his eyes followed the line of her dress and how it hugged hips and breasts. He shook his head to empty those thoughts. He couldn’t let his feelings for her get in the way.

Ellen stirred, bringing her hand to her forehead. “Doctor, I’m torn between Freddy and Mark. They both say they love me.”

“Isn’t that what you want?” He was on the edge of his chair. “To be loved?” He shifted the clipboard on his lap.

“Freddy’s just too… just too timid. And Mark… he puts his hands all over me when we’re together.”

He liked the way her lips shined in the light. “Don’t you want to be loved?”

“Yes… yes.” She paused and then turned her head to face him.

The look in her eyes made him sit back. Could it be? Ellen moaned, “I want to be loved by you!” Her hand stroked his knee and he reached for the light.


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