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I'm an eclectic, and occasionally risque, writer.


I'm an eclectic, and occasionally risque, writer of creative nonfiction and original fiction stories. My ghostwriting skills have helped clients turn their knowledge, experiences and life stories into compelling and interesting books. My essays and observations on life have inspired many and my original fiction stories span the thriller, adventure, fantasy, science fiction and horror genres for the Young Adult, New Adult and Adult markets.

I’m a member of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors and the Military Writers Society of America. I’m also a Navy veteran and served as an Operations Specialist. I've traveled to 35+ countries while in the military, on business and for pleasure. I've given talks on writing, publishing and the importance and impact of stories on individuals and cultures, across the United States and internationally in Toronto, London and Muscat, Oman.

On this site I also post eclectic musings about my worldview on life, tips on writing, and publishing. I occasionally use coarse language but not to offend by gratuitous use but rather for emphasis. Included among my posts and writings will be occasional plugs for my business, my books and my client's books. I reserve that right--hey it's my blog!

I'm also president of Adducent, a creative company involved in story, book, screenplay and intellectual property development-both our own and for clients. You can find out more about my company at:

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Here’s some of my writing…


Co-author: Serpentauria: Ark of Extinction (first in the series)

Contributor: Mirabella and the Pearl of Chulothe (first in the series)

Author: Rising Sun ~ Setting Sun

Author: The First Werewolf

Upcoming Fiction

Author: Waiting for my Witch

Author: The Boy Who Thought He Was John Wayne

Author: The Forbidden Journals: Book One | The Hegira

Co-author: The Masters' Gold


Co-author: Sky High | No Goal Is Out of Your Reach

Author: Business Plans Explained - The Things You Need to Know About Business Plans that Most People Don't

Author: Learn How to Buy a Business - The Right One for You

Author: How to Find Money for Your Business

Contributor: Let There Be Light | Creating A Life Worth Living

Contributor: To Lift a Mirror, for What You've Lost

Contributor: Stuck in the Middle

Contributor: Generation X Approved Top 20 Keys to Effective Leadership

Contributor: Diary of a Teen Mom